Libra in Love – Venus in Libra

Lovely Venus in Libra.  Her love is an art form, a cultural ritual – elegant manners, beautifully scented, tastefully dressed she will ensure the spaces you move through, the place you eat, the film you watch is perfectly adjust…ed to your tastes and desires. She loves equality and works well in partnership but she can be a little too eager to please and leave you with the sense that she is disingenuous. This isn’t so, she does really care for you. She also cares very much about everyone else she is friends with. Romantic love doesn’t win the prize for her, you may be first, but always first among equals. She longs for partnership and she seeks to create harmony wherever she goes. She is gentle and fair. This is the sign of the Goddess Venus in her own Kingdom. If you are in her graces, you are blessed indeed. She is mistress of the art of balance. She will mirror your desires to bring equilibrium and perfect harmony. From the balance of two opposing principles comes complete unity.

Understanding your Love Nature through Astrology helps you resolve longstanding love and relationship issues, work out how to love better and love in a way that makes you strong, that fills you up – not drains you

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