Libra in Love – Venus in Libra

Libra loves harmony, peace and beauty. She abhors conflict. If she must deal with it she is miserable unless she is scrupulously just; her ego needs to gives each side a fair hearing and searches herself for right conduct. It breaks her heart to be unjust – she wants to hear your view and balances it as equally valuable to her own – hence her famed indecisiveness. It’s not really indecisive, it’s more diligent consideration – the more impetuous signs often miss that little detail. But Libra in Love is all about the sweet details that matter to you.

Venus rules Libra in her celestial aspect; grace, beauty, elegance, culture and civility (including law, customs that preserve social harmony and the fine arts). Venus in Libra is social, loves parties, gatherings of friends, fashion and beauty. She has elegant manners, pleasing appearance and a classic natural charm.

Libra craves the other as equal – and the other in order to know herself. She becomes deeply distressed when relationship harmony is disrupted yet can defend herself with skill and severity when required. The Libran calm and peaceful character is often mistaken for weakness and timidity. You can push her quite far, because as you do she is considering why you may be behaving thus. She will be patient and understanding – she will seek an explanation, a reason.  But if you become a tyrant you may hear your shortcomings calmly and clearly dissected. And you will know she is right because she is fair. All the time. It’s really annoying…

Venus in Libra abhors conflict, direct or explicit questioning – especially about unpleasant experiences or feelings. She likes to host others, provide them with a beautiful space to be loved in and is friends with everyone. You may feel you don’t quite have her complete attention at times, then she will turn that lovely gaze of hers full upon you and you won’t .. care… at… all.

  Venus in Libra Lovers leave you with the sense that the experience is finely curated and tailored specifically to you. You can’t help but love them, but don’t expect them to get into dramatic declarations of love or anything unscripted, gauche or vulgar. Don’t shock them too much unless you can help it, or introduce her to that side of you in degrees. She may have to adjust  her perspective a little until she ‘gets’ it, but she’ll find the charm in it as long as you are genuine.

Love your Libra by giving her space to make up her mind, understand her need for process, that she treasures fairness. She needs to get the balance right or it feels unpleasant, and Venus is about pleasure and comfort. Don’t just jump in and blast her opponents – she will be disappointed that you are being judgemental without due process. She needs time and quiet to make a fair decision. She will take her share of the blame once she has balanced the matter according to her own lights.

Celebrate her gracious manners, give her time and a domain to express her culture and sensitivity. Bring her flowers but not the hackneyed roses or daisies – something exquisite and simple. Do not mistake her caution for someone who has no opinions – she’s got plenty, she’s just waiting til you’ve exhausted yourself telling her yours. Learn to observe the perfect balancing act that is her life, and encourage her to believe in the wisdom of her own judgement over anyone else’s, even yours!

This is a playful look at the Sun in love, but you can also read it as a Venus sign interpretation. To learn more about your own unique love signature revealed in your birth chart – email me!

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