Lights, Personal Planets & The Lords of Karma

The Personal Planets are: The Lights – Sun and Moon The Planets: Mercury, Venus & Mars

Sun Ego Active self Centre of Self

Moon Instinctive Self Emotional Nature Need for Security

Mercury Intellect Communication Style

Venus Love nature Affection Artistic Sense

Mars Drive Ambition Desire

The Social Planets are Jupiter & Saturn Jupiter: Areas of growth, expansion, what you believe in Saturn: Marks the point between the personal and the impersonal – He represents time, limitations, structure and resources.

Jupiter and Saturn mediate the personal, day-to-day and that which is universal & karmic. The social planets join us to our peers (Jupiter changing signs approximately every 12 months, and Saturn approximately every 2.5 – 3 years). First our schoolmates and then the majority of our friends will share the same Jupiter and Saturn signs. The social planets also indicate how we share warmth and openness to others and express our ideals (Jupiter); where we see limits, necessary structures & our common values (Saturn).

The Impersonal/Karmic Planets are: Uranus: Spontaneity, Innovation & The Unexpected Neptune: Vision & Spirituality, Dreams and The Collective Unconscious Pluto: Transformation & Revolution, Destruction & Rebirth

Despite the karmic & unconscious nature of the outer planets they are important to making sense of our development as individuals and a society; especially when they make contacts with the personal planets. Often the influence of the Impersonal Planets is hard to consciously discern. But whenever the Impersonal Planets meet with any of the Personal Planets, they impact our conscious awareness. Their action is profoundly transformative and things are never quite the same; we have been changed on the deepest level.

By understanding the different domains the groups of planets operate in; personal, social and impersonal, we can analyse planetary influences and indications within the natal chart to make better use of the astrological stuff we were given to work with at our birth. Some people have charts dominant in personal planet interactions whereas others are strongly influenced by the signs and planets of the Impersonal domain (I have strong Pluto, Neptune and Uranus elements). This has a profound effect on how you express yourself and your path in life. Neither is superior, nor more ‘spiritual’ and as always, it’s what you do with your incarnated astrological tendencies that counts.

Understanding and reflecting upon our powers and capacities equips us to live in our power instead of reacting to forces at play that we don’t understand (or would rather not think about).

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~ Love Asha Maria

*Note the Sun and Moon never go retrograde for obvious astronomical reasons. The retrograde motion is apparent, not actual.

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