Lord Saturn turns direct!

Ahhh! At last....at long, long, last Lord Saturn turns direct at 6:48pm AEDT. His shadows have been casting a heaviness over our lives due to the presence of Karmic Ketu also in Sagittarius. During the retrograde Saturn passed Ketu twice, once in forward motion, once in reverse - it's been painful and but also a powerfully liberating period. Saturn and Ketu have left us no choice - we have to work through, or accept the limits of our lives, we have to accept the karma of our circumstances. That some things cannot be changed, fixed, improved, softened - they just are. And in that place of total understanding and acceptance - free of self-blame or the illusion that 'something can be done' - a gentle tug on the thread of fate and many knots have come undone. This is Saturn's secret - the hidden sweetness in the hard work he doles out to us.

Saturn has held us fast as Ketu pushed us to release old patterns, suffocating fears and even re-played karmic issues we had thought laid to rest back in 2017. Those of you experiencing the Rahu/Ketu return (you have natal Rahu or Ketu in Sagittarius/Gemini) have been brought back in time 19 or 8.5 years to deal with an old pattern, playing itself out in a different key - showing you deeper truths about yourself, and revealing hidden power too.

Saturn has been within the same degree of Sagittarius since August 12 - and we won't really be into new ground til Oct 22/23 - due to the very slow movement of the planet Saturn's stationary period is long. The boon of his forward movement will gather slowly - like all good things. Resist the urge to push all your projects forward our tousle with those throwing roadblocks up in the way of your hopes and inspirations.

By the time Saturn is moving at his usual pace, Lord Jupiter will cross into Sagittarius just 2 weeks later on November 5. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and his presence will raise the energy of these karmic accountants - Saturn and Ketu. Be ready for release, not just the intense personal work - make sure you step out of the holding pattern as soon as you feel it move, so that you can grow. Jupiter brings joy and release as he crosses the knot between Scorpio and Sagittarius he will help us release old pain and find rich sweetness; we've done the work, now the harvest - or simply, a little rest.

Saturn is often feared, we all want sweet & easy times - noone wants to deal with the hard stuff of life, or dig deep into the truth of who we are. It's not pleasant or easy work. But Saturn's taskmaster reputation veils a deeper truth - Shani as he is called in Sanskrit - is gentle too, gentle in how he chides us, patient and kind in that he gives us the opportunity to manifest and deal with our karma - the consequences of actions.

By working with these limits instead of railing against them, Saturn teaches us deep truth about our purpose, how to live life wisely, what right conduct looks like for us. He has a powerful role to play in guiding us back to our dharma (right conduct/purpose/responsibility/work we are called to do - it is hard to translate this word to English.)

May heavy burdens fall from your shoulders, may lightness kiss your feet, may happiness and good fortune greet you at each sunrise, with love, Asha xxx

From the video linked above:

||Nilanjan Samabhasam Raviputram Yamagrajam ChhayaMartand Sambhootam, Tam Namami Shanaishcharam||

निलान्जन समाभासं रविपुत्रं यमाग्रजम। छायामार्तंड संभूतं तं नमामि शनैश्चरम॥

Meaning - I bow to Lord Shani, who has dark complextion and son of Sun and born to Chaya and brother of Yama , who moves very slowly.

* Note - His complexion may be like that of blue vitriol, as blue sapphire, blue clothes, blue flowers are used to please Him. Om Sham Shanaischaryaye Namah

More information on significant Saturn transits:

  • Sade Sati

  • Shani Ashtamsha

  • Saturn's Return

For Sagittarius who are experiencing Sade Sati (Saturn with natal Moon) and Taurus (Shani Ashtamsha - 8th from Moon) this period has been especially difficult; those born with Saturn in Sagittarius have been experiencing the Saturn return which occurs every 28 years. However, Saturn transit to ascendant or Sun sign are also significant.

Sade Sati is actually a 7 year period - beginning with Saturn in the sign before the moon, then at its peak with Saturn in your moon sign, and descending once Saturn moves into the sign following moon. Sade Sati - especially at its peak - can be a very frustrating time as life slows down, ambitions are blocked and the consequences of your choices and actions so far crystallise all around you. For some this brings a lovely stability as Saturn assists restructuring life according to your purpose, for others - especially if you fight this transit and try to burn through obstacles rather than meditate and grow with them - it can be a time of loss and uncertainty in identity - this can in turn lead to establishing a stronger foundation in your life as weak spots are identified and we are put to work repairing them.

Sagittarius are currently experiencing peak of Sade Sati, Scorpio Moons are experiencing the fading of Sade Sati - the period of integration, the strong foundation is established, but rebuilding is only just beginning. Capricorn are just entering this (slowly) transformative period. Because Saturn rules Capricorn, Capricorns tend to have an easier time of Saturn transits so this will be a nicely, solidifying period for most Lunar Capricorns.

Shani Ashtamsha - Saturn 8th from Moon

This transit often brings scarcity financially and physical difficulty, including need for investigation of health problems, the end of the transit can bring sudden liberation from these problems if you work through the process steadily and wisely. Taurus Moon are currently experiencing Saturn in the 8th house or Shani Ashtamsha. From Jan 20, 2020 Gemini will experience Shani Ashtamsha. This can be a productive period to take practical steps at dealing with deep-seated issues both psychologically and physically. (For example, yours truly, after many years of ill health with mysterious or no known cause, discovered the cause and received surgery to correct the issue. It was a freak discovery, and only made when a skilled physician observed and ordered tests. So while it's been exhausting and difficult to go through several surgeries, I have also received answers and liberation from a painful issue through this discovery. The 8th house is associated with surgery and hidden problems - and almost miraculous/unexpected solutions, hence the 8th house is associated with luck & windfalls too.)

Saturn Return

Occurring around 28 years of age and then approx 56 years of age, the Saturn return marks important phases of maturation - effectively marking out the '3 ages' of life. The Saturn return is a time of endings, of taking on new responsibilities, owning up to the realities of time and the demands of the material world. This can be a wonderful time of cohesion, or it can feel heavy and slowing depending on your temperament and other aspects in your chart.

The Ancient of Days by William Blake

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