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Venus transiting Taurus until July 26 blesses us with a gentler heart, longing for sweetness, flowers, gentle embraces. The calm energy of Taurus is radiant and clear, helping us to be kind, practical and satisfied. Whether you are in love or longing for love Venus in Taurus transit helps us understand the beauty in our material attachments, that there is sacredness in our desires for love, comfort and indulgence if we know how to share and be generous too. Honour your beloved with sensitive actions and allow yourself to be honoured in return – your love might be romantic or platonic, for family, friend or lover but a generous heart is always a sacred fire. If you are not in love or in a relationship you can turn this spirit of generous devotion to your art, your spirituality and the Divine Love present in all of beautiful nature. ~ I am a Taurus with Libra ascendant so I am ALL about the love, flowers, cuddles and good meals this month ❤ Venus bless you with the same!

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love horoscope for July 

Aries – Venus enters your 2nd house of money, resources and speech. With your ruler Mars in your 3rd house of communication and messages, use your charming words to make your way in the world, improve your standing in your career and with your lover. Charm, be generous with compliments – Taurus Venus energy brings success, your grace and charm will have others melting to support your continuing advance.

Taurus – Venus enters your sign which she rules, gracing Taurus until July 26. Make the most of this few weeks to celebrate your beauty, sweeten your relationships, indulge and enjoy. Remember to keep within your budget, Saturn is still retrograde making matters a little pinched. Celebrate the joys of material life and let the light of Venus radiate out to others so they can feel blessed too.

Gemini Venus graces your 12th house, helping you to release and transform memories, fears and secrets into sweetness. Instead of haunting you, you will see these experiences change from sorrow to reveal sweet gifts – albeit unexpected – underneath. A 2 1/2 year cycle in love and relationships is winding up. From July 26 you enter a new Venus cycle – new connections or renewed connections you will be moving on from a love issue that has completed it’s cycle of experience.

Cancer Venus will imbue your 11th house of social connections and gains from efforts until July 26, easing social anxieties and increasing confidence with positive reinforcement for efforts made in your career. This is a time of pleasant parties, social grace, beautiful adornment and if you have several planets in Cancer shows an increasing happiness in yourself and your relationships.

Leo  Venus will grace your 10th house of career and reputation this month – make the most of it! What you can’t win by courage you achieve by elegance and charm. Put yourself forward and add some shine to your reputation. Venus also rules material success and you may find yourself with extra opportunities to make money or improve your salary. It will be a creative time career wise and you will get along with/benefit from your father/father’s family at this time.

Virgo Venus will be in your 9th house making you eager to expand your horizons, discover new ideas, places and connections that help you make sense of your place in the world. The 9th house is the house of good fortune, so this placement can bring lovely strokes of luck. If you are so blessed take the opportunity and run with it and turn your Virgo cleverness to turning good luck into a steady plan for improving your life as whole.

Libra Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. She now moves into your 8th house of intimacy, desire and shared resources blessing the partnerships which enrich you. Libra is normally concerned with the beauty of art, ideas and grace – with your ruler in sensuous Taurus you return to your body and long for material expressions of beauty not just the beauty of the image and the idea. You can release and make peace with any hidden sorrows now, with the support of a loving partner or friend.

Scorpio This is a blessed month for you in love dear Scorpion, your beloved or love interest leans on you and you get to share all your charm, gentleness and grace – and show them that you’re not just fierce and ambitious, you have a sweet and nurturing side if they’ll just let you show it! You find yourself happy to share, include and support those you love and those who love you tell you about it! Enjoy being adored.

Sagittarius Venus glides beautifully into your 6th house helping make your projects, day-job and little frustrations in life ease into creative successes. The 6th house is also the house of health and ill-health and Venus here can strengthen your body by encouraging you to nourish, rest and take care of your body. Lofty Sagittarius can forget that part of being on a spiritual Quest is caring for the body that makes being possible! Give love to the details and routines and you will flourish for the rest of the year.

Capricorn Venus graces your 5th house of flirtation, romance and creativity. Unusually perhaps for you, you find yourself in love, love-sick, flirting and – even giggling! Not a sound we often here from serious, Saturn ruled Capricorn! Play, flirt and socialise – Venus in Taurus is inviting you to enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

Aquarius Aquarians, Venus blesses your 4th house of home, heritage and family. You enjoy a sweeter connection with your mother/mother’s family, you beautify your house or find a new home that is more beautiful – and maybe a little more expensive – than the last. Venus in the 4th house brings a pleasant, peaceful and joyous atmosphere to the private life, bringing comfort and kindness in kinship. Your sense of belonging is strong this month.

Pisces Venus moves into your 3rd house of mind, siblings and short journeys – you feel more cheerful, communicative and happy with simple conversations, connections and events. Little gatherings of friends, parties, idle chatter satisfy your need to express yourself. You are more likely to find or renew love through little social occasions than one-on-one intensity. If you’re already in a relationship, go out together, socialise and fall in love all over again with your sweetheart.

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