Love, Reality and Transformation: Venus opposes Saturn

The Venus opposition to Saturn is making us look hard at what we really need in love – and what is possible.

Venus in Taurus is in opposition to Saturn Rx (retrograde) in Scorpio until July 31. The energy is shifting this month, watery planets Mars, Saturn and Sun and New Moon in Cancer too (Jul 23). In August the lunar nodes change signs and we have eclipses! The karmic axis changes gears and moves from Leo/Aquarius to Cancer/Capricorn (more on that soon).  There’s also a tension, as Mars aligned with Sun squaring Uranus bringing agitation, oddness and unexpected accidents. Those who have Mars as ruler or in the 6th house need to take great care of their health as Mars in tense aspect can create risk of injury and tension issues – headaches, cramps and stiff muscles. As August unfolds these tensions and ambiguities will clear away and new opportunities, invitations and adventures will arrive.

Mercury in Leo is aligned with Rahu – the North Lunar node – this weekend and the influence is with us for several days. Mercury communicates and illuminates our mind, Rahu churns up passions, agitation, attachment and ambition. Combined with the Mars/Sun tensions we need to take care not to get into it too much, emotionally. If things are coming up for you, try to slow down and deal with it when you are calmer. Not long now til Rahu changes signs so let’s try not to cycle through the same old thinking loops or arguments that go nowhere. It’s a necessary churning so we should allow Rahu and Mercury to do their work without making unnecessary conflicts for ourselves and loved ones. Rahu creates karmic entanglements when we are unconscious of his influence – try not to get stuck in all the things that are coming to mind. The eclipses in August will bring it out in time. 

Venus the planet of love and desire continues to bring grace and power to her kingdom of Taurus. She opposes Saturn the Lord of Reality until July 31 but changes sign to Gemini Jul 28.  The need for comfort & love opposes the sure knowledge that we need to change things in a deep and lasting way; we are moving forward from all this painful testing and accountability since Nov 2014.

With Rahu about to change signs we find ourselves holding onto old habits and psychological crutches we don’t even want anymore – but who are we if we let them go? With Scorpio’s final retrograde in Scorpio ending next month we are pulled back into those habits of heart and mind; and forced to accept them instead of try and fix them. We are at the very end of the Saturn Scorpio transit no more unpicking and repairing, we have to move on and get ready for the work of the next Saturn transit – Sagittarius until 2020. Venus coaxes us to find beauty, pleasure and warmth in the opposite direction from our pain story.  Let her lead you there.

Saturn rules the long-term view (often pessimistically), Venus rules the short-term view ( sometimes too optimistically) this aspect is a major influence this week so keep your eye on it as it plays out. A tendency to enjoy the comforts of now is thrown into contrast with a larger, pressing reality that needs attention. Don’t let fatigue with the conflict between dreams & reality get you down. Persist, but enjoy what you have – don’t wait til you have something else to be happy.

The exalted influence of Venus in Taurus shows you these lessons are not as painful as you feared, there is bountiful care and love. To eat, sleep, snuggle instead of fretting and working as a way to feel better. Saturn in Scorpio can create a too-keen awareness of just how much we lack and amplify deep self-doubt, Venus in Taurus reminds us how much we already have – she is littler than Saturn – but she is closer to us. Let her light bless you.


Asha Maria

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