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Every Mother is a Star – the centre of her child’ universe. But how do we hold this responsibility? Where are our challenges? What are our resources? Once you are a parent you are never the same again. Our focus shifts, we discover power we never knew we had and we face our own Mother stories – both light and shadow. Children require secure boundaries, spiritual guidance, material support – it’s so overwhelming! Can we possibly get it right? How can we make peace with who we thought we were and who our children need us to be?


Your identity as a parent. Your core needs and the core of what you have to teach your child. Honour your Sun

Self and you will shine bright, showing your child the importance steady confidence and energy at the core of your life and life force. This is your Source. Move away from your Sun Self too much and others define you and impose their will upon you: you concern yourself with other’s view of your parenting too much. You reflect other’s light, orbiting instead of holding your dependants in orbit around you. Your child learns to be self conscious and other-defined.

Honour your Sun Self – show your child to honour their essential nature too


  1. Need for security / How you provide security

  2. Instinctive response to threats

  3. How you show and provide care and comfort

Mothering instinct. Nurturing, caring and protecting. Fertility and physical expression of your mother love. This is who you are to your child in the long, sleepless nights – you might be the dreamy, spiritual Pisces nurturer, or the optimistic and playful Lion nurturer. Your moon self reveals your primary concern for providing security for your child.

The Aquarius Sun Mother with Taurus Moon must balance her quirky, free-spirited parenting with a deep primal need to provide well materially for her children. She discovers a love for gardening and full-term breastfeeding. She is patient and stubborn. She is not interested in the eccentric and weird quite so much. She stays home a lot.

The Pisces Sun father with his deep feeling and intuitive self, can be distant and a little ambivalent in times of emotional need, afraid to upset the balance as his Moon is in Libra. He is so vulnerable and responsive to others but as a father, he nurtures his children by teaching them about being fair minded, impartial, not rocking the boat and peace-making.

The sweet and gentle Libra parent can be down-to-earth, no-nonsense kind of nurturer because her Moon is in Capricorn. As a mother your ‘indecisive & vague’ Libran friend is suddenly the Queen of the Boundaries, consistent and reliable – her baby’s rock. Because she is expressing her Moon Self more at this phase in her life.

The Taurus Moon mother with Cancer Sun seems to hit her stride, she expresses her core self cautiously, sensibly and caringly with a focus on providing physical comfort and steady environment too.

The Sun sign expression augments the Moon expression and when we nurture, this is even more so. Motherhood, Parenthood, is when we really shine in our Moon self. Understanding how to use these 2 key Astrological components strengthens your parenting style.

The Moon is also what we go back to when we need to feel safe, Taurus Moon digs her heels in, Libra Moon steps back and considers, Capricorn Moon gets down to facts. When this is unconscious we can accidentally invalidate the needs of our children. Her Moon Sign might be Pisces – she will need to cling to you for a while until she can feel secure again after her tantrum. His Moon might be in Leo – your son needs you to make a joke, laugh and give him a big warm hug to regulate those big emotions. Understanding your differing needs for security and instinctive reactions helps us to provide the comfort our children need, not just act from our fall back position.


  1. Showing Affection

  2. Teaching them how to love

  3. Teaching them about beauty & enjoyment

When we express our Venus self we show how we spoil, sweeten and show affection to our children. Our Moon Self shows how we care for others, react to them instinctively. Our Venus self expresses the values of Love we want to give to our children.

Venus in Aries shows his children love and affection by romping and playing tackle, dragging the children everywhere on adventures and showing them the pleasure we find in independence and self reliance.

Venus in Taurus wants her children to enjoy the fine things in life, eat well and lots of cuddles. Joy and pleasure is experienced through worldly comforts and experiences which aren’t too challenging or disruptive.

Venus in Pisces cultivates a love for the spiritual, complete forgiveness, acceptance and gentleness. This parent shares her love of Art, spirituality, and music with her child. This may be received as passive or invisible if your child has a more dynamic Venus expression.

Understanding your different Venus love styles helps you to ‘get’ the love language between you and your child. Understanding different affection natures helps us meet their needs better.


  1. Action & ambition

  2. Courage and independence

  3. How to fight – how not to fight

We don’t  just teach our children how to love and care for others and themselves. We also have beliefs about ambition, achievement, self defence, courage and independence. It is important to examine these beliefs by looking at your Mars Sign (and house placement). This is the key to understanding how you deal with conflict, how ambitious you are (and in what way), how you protect your children and want them to protect themselves.

Mars in Gemini You may have difficulty focusing on one activity for any length of time and find that your child is reflecting your lack of focus. He is after all modelling everything on you – even if he’s pushing back against you. However, you tend to deal with conflict quickly – you might be sharp with words but you get over it quickly and are no longer interested. You teach your children to forgive quickly and move on.

Mars in Cancer You work steadily, you are driven but secretive, approaching your goal by moving sideways. When in a conflict situation you don’t like to act directly, it can be hard for you to speak up straight away because your feelings are folded deep inside of you. This can lead to frustration or passive-aggressive conduct. But transformed this expression of Mars is patient, has the capacity to accrue success on a steady & growing basis. You teach your child to bite your tongue before you lash out, to give a considered (and more powerful) response.

If you work well with your different Mars Signs you will understand conflict between you and can defuse it. Use it to grow and acknowledge your needs better and respect hers too. If Mars energy is repressed or unrestrained it can get destructive. Understanding the Mars sign is important for getting to the bottom of early childhood tantrums and adolescent desperation to become independent from the parent without getting angry or emotionally violent. Celebrate your child’s inner warrior – but train her well with discipline and good boundaries so she can express her Mars power effectively.

All parents and carers who strive to love, understand, sustain and support their children are to be celebrated. It’s a tough, transformative and often confronting role. We are challenged to transform our karma inherited from our parents and down ancestral lines – our limitations are made clear, what we received or didn’t from our parents  is also laid out, unavoidably. It’s a time of healing, growth and transcendence – in the middle of providing 24 hr care, washing, discipline, material sustenance… Good luck those of you given the gift and heavy responsibility of making space for children to unfold according to their essential and sacred nature.

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