Mars Direct: Heat & Joy

Mars Direct! Return of vitality, drive and forward movement. Mars is the Lord of courage, energy and movement. In the Tarot this energy is embodied in the Tower card. Mars retrograde in Scorpio since April 18 dissolved internal emotional structures, psychological crutches and emotional blockages, by bringing them to the surface in all their sharp pain to be faced and dissolved. Saturn also retro in Scoprio made us sit with it. It has been intense and at turns exciting, the feeling of eliminating stuff, DEEP stuff that no longer serves or isn’t relevant to our present life. Issues that *block* life from flourishing and continuing to grow. June 15 Mars moved back into Libra, relieving some of that psychological pressure as Jupiter moved forward and began to cross over Rahu (North Lunar Node). As Jupiter has emerged from the darkness of Rahu’s mouth, blessing and hope – and for some of us Great Success – has been released. With Mars turning direct we really begin to gather steam – well, after the New Moon on July 4 we will! The moon month is coming to an end, it’s time to reflect and weave in the experience of the last 26 days. And to ready yourself to leap forward with optimism, energy and joy. Mars will move back into Scoprio in mid July and will leave the retrograde zone altogether on 23 August. Now is the time to restructure the rules, rights and responsibilities in your relationships – especially with yourself! As Mars moves on into Scorpio you’ll experience the emotional untangling coming to light – you will see how your patience, acceptance and Soulwork has paid off. You will find yourself more vital, joyous and stronger than you thought you could be. For masculine identified people Mars is the Warrior, the swashbuckling adventurer and athletic lover. For those attuned to the feminine current Mars energy is embodied by the Shakti forces, fire goddesses, Goddeses like Kali, Ishtar, Innana, Athena, Oyà and saints like Saint Barbara (Iansã) & Saint Joan of Arc. May sacred fire warm your blood, may your courage fill your life with the light of joy, may you feet dance wildly and your song be strong 🔥❤ 💋 Asha

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