Mercury Direct: Messenger of Light

Feeling the love as Mercury crosses the rainbow bridge between here & there? He has turned direct and races out of the depths of retrograde carrying the first understanding of our inner transformation to our conscious awareness. 🔥 Mars works steadily to dissolve emotional tangles that have held our real emotional depths at bay.

Suddenly there seems to be a whole lot *more* feeling but there’s also a whole lot more understanding, patience and insight for those who are sitting with it and seeing what bubbles up to the surface.💙 When Mars is direct we drive ourselves head-on to break down barriers or overcome difficulty. Saturn holds space for real change to take place. ♏Scorpio is the sign of integrity, spiritual truth, emotional passion and the spiritual process of alchemy – volatile reaction thar creates radical transformation. And if you want to, you can be the alchemist right now. If you are courageous and trust you can transform some of that old emotional muck into a better form. Let me say it less mystically: Use the crap of your past to fertilise your blossoming flowers, grow healing herbs, nourishing food or a wonderful and strange garden of succulents. But use it. Stop digging to it. Feel the love – work with joy to release your past and make space for something new to develop. You don’t have to start any new enterprise, just transform and clear space, prepare the ground, feed the soil of your life. Feeling loved, sharing love with you all, xoxo Asha Maria

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