Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury is in Capricorn from Dec 27 Mercury represents the intellect, reason and spoken/written communication.

In hard-headed Capricorn, Mercury turns our Intellect toward: Rigorous thinking Structured logic and deliberate, methodical approach to communication

We’re more likely to be blunt, dismissive of the more subtle emotional aspects when solving problems and…more determined to get our point of view across.

Capricorn is the bridge between the fundamental basics of material life and the deeper emotional needs that make the determined, unrelenting, structured effort WORTH IT. Capricorn can seem hard-headed and dry but it’s that critical approach that leads to the success for which Capricorn is (in)famous.

Use this time to tackle tough intellectual problems, drive a hard bargain and restructure your approach to communication, information systems and ideas.

Mercury will also go retrograde in Capricorn in January…the ground you cover now will be reviewed during that time.

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