Mercury Retrograde is Over..well mostly

Mercury retro is over and lost mail returns ! Could anything be more Mercury retro than getting a Christmas card (sent Dec22) on May 24? And with that Mercury is stationary direct. longer going backwards across the sky from Earth’s point of view. On stationary direct days it can be hard to focus but once you get to it, things start to build. *Ping!* goes the phone, in flow to inbox, the delivery guy arrives with your delayed package. In the next week you can expect to hear back on those friends who ghosted, that issue you had been hoping to avoid, that good news you’ve been waiting for… it’s easier to communicate but remember Mars is still retro with Saturn . We begin to think about and strategise on what life will be like *once* Mars has done his work dissolving a long standing emotional block -we’re not quite there yet.

Mars is also opposing Venus and the Sun so address things gently with friends and family, deal with those pinpricks to the heart by accepting it’s your heart so it’s your responsibility. Resist the urge to have fightin’ words, a lot of damage can be done if we are insistent on proving we are right. Mercury leaves the zone of his retrograde by the new moon next month (about 2 weeks) … he’s not in new territory yet, he’s hurtling forward over the ground of his backwards motion – it’s time to synthesise the story of the last 3 weeks and make sense of it all.

Love Asha

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