Moon Sign – Leo

If you were born when the Moon was in Leo, your Moon self is probably not as significant as the Sun or Ascendant Sign in your chart.

In fact, when others talk of their emotional conflicts vs. ego needs you may wonder how this could possibly be. Because Leo is ruled by the Sun, you have a strong sense of inner security and worthiness. The biggest threats to your security are meaness of spirit in others or being treated as ordinary, even insignificant. Generally you are affable and easy going, with a tendency for emotionally bossing others.  You need attention, the spotlight even, but are rarely clingy – demanding is not the same as needy!

Leo Moon folk are warm,  affectionate, very generous if they feel appreciated and generally emotionally robust. (Hard aspects can make exceptions to this, as always e.g Saturn or Pluto contacts) Moon Lions can be emotionally egoic, demanding their needs are met first as a kind of royal prerogative. Loyal to their loved ones they value integrity and noble conduct and despise meaness of spirit (or wallet).

For Moon Leos Emotional Security is found through clearly identifying your emotional needs and meeting them first before other’s needs are considered. Ok, ok, I know this sounds bad but bear with me…Look after yourself and you won’t be stomping feet or roaring with indignation  if other people don’t/can’t meet your needs when you need it. Although this approach can be perceived as selfish by others it actually frees you up to be more authentic with friends,  family and lovers. Happier relationships = more attention for your Leo Moon self!

The tendency to act as aristocratic patron must be handled carefully in order to ensure relationships – particularly intimate connections – stay strong and fair. You can trigger inferiority responses in others in this way by being high-handed. If you think yourself a Queen make sure you treat your partners as royalty too – not subjects.

Generosity to others and recognition are important to creating a sense of emotional stability for Lunar Leos. If you work with these tendencies consciously what you give to your beloveds will be greater than what you require (which at times is a lot, but you’re totally worth it and we know that.) Develop the caring and loyal side of yourself you will find you will have no shortage of attention. You have this way of just making others feel good. When you are around your optimism, loyalty and generosity makes us feel a little bit royal too.

♥ Asha Maria

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