Neptune Returns

With Neptune now heading direct after a long reality-crunching retrograde it’s time to dust off the magickal apparatus and get brewing. The air is shimmering again with Neptunian dreams and glamours. If you’ve been feeling psychically and spiritually dry the tide has turned. Your creative vision returns and the period of dry perseverance brings it’s reward. You have honed technique and discipline, you couldn’t rely on talent and magick while Neptune was retrograde. Now, as the magick breaks over the world again you are well placed to channel the mystery into conscious acts of magick.

Neptune masters the sea and all the mysterious creatures in it. The Sea touches all the parts of the Earth, through the waves, rivers, springs and lakes. In the same manner the unconscious mind is the master of all of your conscious acts. The ego (Sun sign) can only function smoothly if it accepts the power of Neptune (unconscious) and draws from it as a resource, a source of primordial truth that provides a higher vision in the midst of the mundane. If the Sun/Ego resists the limitless power of the Neptune/Unconscious a conflict arises which can cause neurosis, fear of dreams and the religious experience.  The ego that resists the diffuse for the limited and known is cut off from it source, it becomes dry and dusty – the radiance natural to the Sun cannot sustain itself. Without spiritual awareness or connection to the collective the ego is a tyrant, souless and short sighted.

If you identify too much with your Neptune nature you may struggle with daily life, overwhelmed by the emotions and actions of others and frustration that you are incapable of realising your vision of a better world. You need to balance your Sun nature with your sensitive psyche or your spiritual awareness will lead to the experience of suffering not trascendance. In the worst cases excessive Neptune can lead to escape through madness, intoxication or fanaticism.

Neptune brings lessons of transcedence through conscious surrender, acceptance of forces greater and more mysterious than our conscious mind can grasp. Neptune experiences are the direct ecstatic experience of ‘God’, dreams, visions and trance.

Neptune – In the Tarot represented by the Hanged Man, in Astrology he is the force of the unconscious; ethereal, overwhelming and of limitless depth.

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