New Moon Cycle - softening 2019 & opening to transformation for 2020

This year has been huge! Saturn and South Lunar node Ketu spent the whole year with Pluto in Sagittarius. Jupiter & Venus now join them forming a powerful stellium - so much potential & focus on the Sagittarius part of our lives. Jupiter rules Sagittarius - and he invites you to open to the blessings blossoming from the hard work of 2019. It's time to rediscover a hopeful attitude & allow our vision to expand. Lift your head from solving that pressing problem and see the broad expanse of new potential glimmering on the horizon.

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These are new potentials that are only possible because you've faced and dealt with some hard truths. Because you've done inner work to deal with the more painful shadows of your past, habits & mindsets picked up along the way. Saturn may have been a hard taskmaster, Ketu may have kept throwing up spiritual challenges, calling you to liberate yourself from illusions about your place in the world, or how you love, or engage with your life as a whole. This work is rarely pleasurable, comfortable, soothing - it is unrelenting. 2019 has been unrelenting & restrictive. Any growth you've made will be Saturn-strong. It will support you well in the years to come. Now Mercury retrograde is over we are making sense of it all - not just the 3 weeks of retrograde - but the whole of 2019's intensive work.

We have one moon cycle left before the eclipse period begins which will trigger the Sagittarius axis on Dec 26 & Jan 11, 2020. Prepare yourself for this momentous month by dedicating a moment each morning to reflection and allowing in a sensation of joy and hope. Without direction, without attaching it to any specific desire or hope - just bide with it.

Do not push or fixate - do not try to take this fire from heaven and set it to a purpose. Allow it to radiate & fill you with steady warmth. Now soften, allow it to flow back, resolve & release. It is not yet time to begin. This is a time of synthesis & restoration.

New Moon in Scorpio - Full Moon in Taurus

The axis of this month is Scorpio/Taurus. The theme is inner transformation that gives way to generous plenty. Deep longing to create & experience more eases to a feeling of soft being-with what you have. With 5 planets next sign to Scorpio the focus is on finding new stability, building on the truths & treasures discovered in the hard work & harrow of 2019. Standing stronger than you thought was possible but still gentle, flexible.

Sagittarius is bright & attuned to the great good that thrums under all life in the cosmos. We are restricted from putting new plans in place or acting on our realisations until Saturn enters his own sign, Capricorn, Jan 20, 2020. Until we are through January we must focus on making peace & releasing the lessons of Ketu/Saturn while renewing spiritual and creative practise.

By all means, brainstorm ideas, dream lovely things up, but don't be lured into the tension-habits, patterns of having to do anything about matters - the entirety of 2019 was trying to teach us to dissolve this behaviour. The gentler we can be, the more we can bow to Ketu's request to let go of our control-coping & keep faith. Real faith. Not wild hope or delirious envisioning - but a better knowledge of how these dimensions of our lives fit together, flow at different times & sustain each other.

with love & a radiant heart, Asha xoxo

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The New Moon/Full Moon focus for each sign:

Aries: 8th/2nd house axis - Meeting financial obligations & establishing material comforts in life. Pressure to cover costs vs. desire for greater material security weight on your mind. Your nature is to push things forward, but it's not time. Mid Dec will be much stronger, for now complete what you can but be sure that other plans are cooking and about to come to fruition.

Taurus: 7th/1st house axis - Balancing identity within relationship with the longing to be one's own person & maintain independence is not easy. This lunar cycle you are developing willingness to trust others & share the joy, wealth & comforts together. You are finding that sweet place between holding it all together on your own and sharing what you have and who you are, to amplify the feeling of plenty and heart connection.

Gemini: 6th/12th house axis - You're facing many obstacles & frustrations in daily life and this month you begin getting your perspective back. Let go of anxious habits and hang-ups impeding your happiness. Renew yourself in spiritual or creative practise that is meaningful to you and let the small stuff untangle itself.

Cancer : 5th/11th house axis - Make time for friendship, creativity & play so that you can be open to receive the riches of friendship you long for. Give up seeking friendships at work where stress & miscommunication have been giving you grief. Direct that desire for connection where it will flourish, outside of your busy pre-occupations with work/study - reconnect with old friends & follow-up new acquaintances while you wait for the work stuff to simmer down.

Leo : 4th/10th house axis - Reputation & career demands have placed huge pressure on home life & connection with roots/family. Both have been pulling on your energy and attention - plan space for yourself, for career & family and approach it playfully and everyone will feel they're getting enough of shiny, wonderful you.


Virgo : 3rd/9th house axis - The demands of daily life can disconnect you from a sense of calling and purpose. Spend some time to reflect & trust yourself to find your way back to your path - not through thought but simply sensing, waiting & trusting the understanding you need will appear. You can't make it appear by looking it up or talking about it, wait for it to come to you - it just needs you to make the headspace.

Libra: 2nd/8th house axis - You're facing how material pleasures in the now are impacting/delaying/preventing the prosperity you could build for the future. Sharing & making better use of all resources is on your mind and you find joy & sweetness in 'less' and the abundance that flows from really connecting with reliable, caring people in your life.

Scorpio: 1st/7th house axis - Developing willingness to trust worthy others & share the joy, wealth & comforts of life together with them vs. natural desire to be independent and not require support from others. Hold off on pushing a resolution or 'fixing' circumstances. The solution will be revealed later in December when your ruler is in strength again.

Sagittarius : 12th/6th house axis - Spiritual & creative renewal revives your flow so you can fact the demands of a day-job and work steadily on the 'little stuff' that will support that higher vision. Wait patiently for news on the work front - meanwhile indulge your magical side, because 'serious' plans continue to be frustrated til Saturn leaves your sign Jan 20.

Capricorn: 11th/5th house axis - It's time to allow yourself to take time for friendship, creativity & play so that you can be open to receive the riches of friendship. You are gathering the rewards for your efforts on the work front but have missed out on some of the fun of life during 2019. Reconnect with friends, play & social life - restore your flagging spirits with those who get you and want to see you shine.

Aquarius: 10th/4th house axis - Reputation & career demands have placed huge pressure on home life & connection with roots/family. Draw strength from home by slowing down & resting, spending time with (friend)family - letting yourself be comfortable. Nourish deep roots so your life can grow steadily & weather all conditions. Coming down to earth this month will support the deep changes the eclipses are bringing you.

Pisces: 9th/3rd house - Your sense of purpose & higher calling doesn't need to be sacrificed to the demands of daily life with all its frustrations & obstacles. See how these 'opposed' domains of life actually nourish each other. Spiritual retreat renews the mind to cope with demands of work. The routine of life helps break the attachment to achieving a 'spiritual goal'. Both places offer insight & spiritual growth. You're already there, now just breathe into it.

Key Dates in November/December

New Moon in Scorpio: 26 November (exact 27 Nov. 2:30am AEDT)

First Quarter in Aquarius: 4 December

Full Moon in Taurus: 12 December

Last Quarter in Leo: 19 December

Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: December 26 (AEDT). Jupiter & Sun will align

Lunar Eclipse in Gemini: January 11 (AEDT) Jupiter will oppose lunar eclipse

Sun enters Sagittarius December 16 - instability as Sun changes signs and crosses gandanta between December 15 - 17 joining multiple planets in Sagittarius.

Mercury re-enters Scorpio Dec 5

Venus enters Capricorn Dec 21

Current Planetary Positions

Venus in Sagittarius

Mercury in Libra

Mars in Libra until December 26

Jupiter in Sagittarius til March 30. 2020

Saturn in Sagittarius until January 20, 2020

Rahu/Ketu in Gemini/Sagittarius til September 23, 2020

planetary key

  • New Moon - Moon aligns with Sun, new cycle

  • First Quarter - energy builds & we begin to create the magic of the month

  • Full Moon - Moon opposes Sun, fruition

  • Last Quarter - last push to complete work of the cycle, can be a minor crisis

  • Eclipse - triggers psychic turbulence that pushes us to change our lives or selves radically.

  • Mercury - intelligence, communication, speech,

  • Venus - desire, attachment to material pleasures, love, sweetness, wisdom from understanding our drive toward luxury, love & comforts.

  • Mars - vital force, vigour, conflict, agitation, ambition, victory

  • Jupiter - intelligence from highest self, wisdom, the Guru to the Gods, blessing, faith, generosity

  • Saturn is the Lord of Limits - he holds us fast, makes us accountable & strengthens us within those limits if we humble ourselves & learn with him.

  • Rahu - attachments that continue karmic cycles, temptation, emotional instability & upheaval

  • Ketu - the shadow planet, helps us liberate ourselves from attachment & free us from our karmic burdens.

Outer planets - beyond our current level of attainable consciousness only really activated in transit of inner planets.

  • Uranus - the innovator, the inspiring spark, the potential to envision future to bring succour to problems of the present.

  • Neptune - deep psychic dreaming, deepest meditation, mystic transcendence

  • Pluto deeply destructive, unconscious energy, influences world events & generational attitudes

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