New Moon Eclipse - The Serpent & Transformation

Pluto by Zac Craig

The Solar Eclipse and New Moon is today! ALL planets except Venus in Capricorn and Mars now in Scorpio are in SAGITTARIUS! This is some crazy, intense energy and deserves our attention. On a personal, spiritual, local-social and cultural, human level so much is in tumult and on the point of transformation. We must keep courage, kindle joy and love in the face of obstacles wherever they appear in our lives. These are interesting times - trying, wyrd, unpredictable & also shimmering with new potential.

Many of us awoke this morning from dark dreams as confusion & tumult churns in the psyche. Past habits and patterns tangle with new emerging consciousness both in our own lives and our communities. We can sense new doors opening, new ways of thinking and being.

This is a sensitive and sacred time - and we should treat ourselves, our lives and fate as such. You are utterly unique, you will never occur again as you are. Whether you 'like it' or you are dissatisfied with your who you are is no longer relevant - our work is to take the material we have and put it to its fit use. Not to criticise it, or long to be otherwise, or get down on ourselves for not being someone else. But to create conditions where who and what we are can unfold, flourish, be supported and find her rhythm. This is a sacred duty and more important than whether we fit some rigid script we picked up somewhere along the line...a script that has no connection to any kind of reality or personal truth.

So often these damaging scripts were never wanted, they are someone else's judgement which wormed its way within our being and created confusion & distraction - or they could be a survival mechanism that is no longer needed in the world we have made for ourselves. The eclipse period offers us an opportunity to uproot these ideas. It's time to revive a truer perception of self and our place in the cosmos.

As doubts and feelings of desire (especially thwarted desire, the 'missing out' energy) arise - remember -

"I am exactly who and what I must be. My tendencies & reactions are those that one would expect given the conditions and experiences I have had. There is no hurry and if I can soothe this hunger to be other/more than I am, I will reveal the angel within, the guiding power, the High Priestess, my inner light & wisdom." All we need to do is remember to relax our minds and bodies. To get out of our own damn way!

- For some of us the doubts/desires triggered during this eclipse month will reveal places where there is healing work to be done - make note, but now is not the time to tackle it.

- For others, the flames of ambition are licking your heels - make plans, take note of this new drive or different direction - but do not throw it all over to begin again - notice it, consider matters, but do not act. You do not have all the information yet.

- For those having trouble in love or other relationships - deeper needs are arising in you, but they are not yet conscious. You are still too turbulent, too raw to speak to these needs or act upon them - to act now may create too much of a reaction in the beloved or in your family member. Unless you are unsafe, be wise - give yourself time to reflect and understand what it is that actually needs to be expressed - early life patterns coming up to be healed? Or some other change in your desires or need to connect? Journal or meditate or otherwise reflect on these deep awakenings - you don't need to jump right in, in fact doing so could just cause exhausting chaos instead of the reconnection & deeper intimacy you are seeking. (Please note, this does not apply if you are in an unsafe situation. Here is some info from Australia with advice on leaving dangerous or abusive relationships. It can seem almost impossible to escape such situation - but be assured, I did it and so can you. x )

From December to late January we are in a tense and strange time - the serpent planets tempts us with what we desire, or terrifies us with what we fear. Because the lunar nodes create shadows they interfere with the positive solar radiance & can distort our inner realities as well as our fate. Remember, that during an eclipse and for several weeks either side as the eclipse builds - the doors of our fate are flung open. This is an extremely sensitive time.

While so much tempts us to 'go for it' or seize the situation - to try and master our fear through acting - we must hold back. We must wait until the shadows clear or we risk increasing the drama in our lives, amplifying problems by adding more fuel to the fire or simply increasing the intensity of our inner, transformative work beyond what our bodies and psyches can handle. Especially for those of us growing up in 'Western' colonial and capitalist societies - this attitude of pushing and forcing things to happen pervades even many so-called spiritual practises. It is important to not always have a 'vision' or try to manifest. Manifesting approaches cannot work if we have not yet awakened to a place of clarity & awareness of our tendencies, ego-trips & have no idea of our true purpose/reason for being here now/dharma. NEVER try manifestation practises during eclipse periods. Even the most experienced tantriks & magicians can get themselves into trouble - because the powers in flux right now are so great. Anything can happen. And that includes self-sabotaging weirdness from your unconscious!

There are 4 different 'rays' we can experience during the eclipse period - beneath each title is the antithesis - the negative expression you may be feeling that can guide you to which approach you might like to take over the coming month. If you would like to read the sign specific interpretations I popped up earlier in the week please go here and here

If you are feeling fearful and negative about your future

Joyous Path - "Anything may happen! What changes are coming my way?"

Stretch, be curious, explore new ideas, but do not act until late January. You are unfolding like a wild spring flower, vital, flexible, fresh and riotous colour. Help others around you light up with joy - support them to see the possible, and if they don't get it - that's ok - your joy is abundant and cannot be silenced or dampened. And you don't need others to get it to still be alight with it. Begin each day the moment just after you awake - with a prayer of gratitude and invitation for blessings upon you and others - including those who are causing trouble.

If you are feeling stuck, dry or empty of curiosity

Liberation Path - "Anything can happen - nothing is certain, my expectations and interpretations of reality can be dropped - I await to see what truly IS"

Return to your spiritual practise, quieten your life by creating order through reducing possessions but don't be too ascetic or you may regret your Spartan approach come late January. 2020 brings liberation from negative self-talk, illusions about who you are and your place in the world. You will begin to build according to your rediscovered insight from Feb 2020.

If you are feeling a frenzied impulse to act, push things forward - do anything but sit still!

Path of Mastery "Anything can happen - trying to take this power and turn it to my will & desire may bring up more than I can handle, I risk all for the possible fulfilment of my desires."

Calm your desires, see them as appetites and impulses not yet understood not truly mastered - like wild horses or fierce wolves - they are exciting but dangerous unless you improve your skill. Mastery begins with knowing the self, one's tendencies, weaknesses and ego-tricks. To get what you want be willing to discover what you are. This takes time - are you ready to really KNOW?

I feel there is something I am not seeing, that I do not understand but that I must find or know

Awakening "Anything will happen - all things will happen - I let it flow by me, through me and see the movement of time in her great cycles and I dance with it!"

This time is one where you can work on truly seeing your life, lives, reality, potential and nature. You do not necessarily feel the need for some deep change or transformation but rather that there is something simmering just below your waking awareness that keeps slipping from your grasp. See the dance of chaos which is the unfolding of the universe and the little places of order within it. Understand that without trying you will find the place in the dance where you naturally fit. Recommence your meditation or dance practise to make space for illumination to come in.

Wishing you grace, peace & gentle transformation today - and as we enter this month of eclipse strangeness - remain open, responsive and make space for peace. with Love Asha

In conclusion, there is no conclusion. Things will go on as they always have, getting weirder all the time.
Robert Anton Wilson

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