New Moon in Virgo & Serpent Wisdom

The Virgo New Moon brings a sweeter, gentler tide after our big month of eclipses & the confusions of Mercury Retrograde. The Moon nestles between the warmth of the Sun and the blessing planet Jupiter. Both are expansive energies, they are kindlier and gentler than the powers that influenced us in September. The Sun is the spark of life, the creative fire. Jupiter is the wise teacher, the benefactor and in Virgo he acts as applied wisdom which heals. Venus in her own sign of Libra adds to the kinder, sweeter feeling and allows blossoms to burst forth after the rough winds of September.

It’s time to think about the little rituals of our lives and to practise them thoughtfully & with grace. Self care, health care, religious observance, meditation and yoga practises, a nourishing diet – all these mark the rituals lesser and greater of our lives and bring us good fortune if we attend to them; especially this month.

The Full Moon in Aries mid month Oct 16 brings a vital burst of fresh energy – we move beyond the churning tumult of the eclipse and partial eclipse of the last 2 full moons. It is time to begin again, to begin something new -, to review our approach to the matter at hand and decide to go with a completely novel way of looking at it. What the “it” is depends on the material turning up in your life that Fate has given you to work with. Maybe it’s appearing as love, or career, or a physical challenge – look deeper and you’ll probably see little threads of the matter woven through many different parts of your life.

Either way, the Aries Full Moon gives us a chance at a fresh start. Let’s take it. Drop the trip. The attachment. The tired-out view of yourself and let something new blossom in its place.

Health – Mars continues to square the Sun : Opponents, Testing Strength The tense aspects made by Mars continues to bring health challenges, especially pains to the head & muscle tension for those aspected (this means it affects your birth chart). This Mars/Sun effect stays until after the Full Moon in 2 weeks time. Pushing ahead by sheer willpower is met with resistance and creates physical heat/conflict/tension. In some cases it creates decisive victories over strong opponents. It’s quite a different feeling to the Mars/Saturn grinding feeling you may recall from July…but it is important for Mars ruled folks (Scorpio, Aries) to take care not to get into accidents, over do things or get into serious arguments. If you have the constitution for it, commencing a disciplined athletic practise will benefit you. If you are not a Mars person, take care not to strain or injure yourself by overestimating your strength. This is a good time to build your strength and if you approach it with discipline –  when the square dissolves you will see you have improved your overall vitality significantly.

Mercury in Exaltation – A blessing for those studying, completing exams, writing and finishing theses (yes, you!)

Mercury is moving forward again and he will hit new territory on Oct 6, life is gathering speed again, thinking clears and it’s easier to complete tasks. Crinkles in paperwork are smoothed out and everything settles in its right place. (Just about) Until Mercury moves out of this retrograde shadow you aren’t clear of the issues the retrograde  brought to your attention just yet. Keep synthesising what you’ve learned but wait for the 2nd week of the month to make any significant changes to your plans. From October 3 Mercury enters exaltation in Virgo – this is his sweetspot, his strongest point in the heavens.  Those writing theses, completing exams or who rely on writing and skillful communication for a living will find October a much better month! Venus and Mercury in their own domains help clear up matters of the heart and deliver mental clarity.


Venus is in relationships Libra and able to express her beauty and desire for romance clearly and without distraction. She forms harmonious aspect to Mars in Sagittarius who, finally out of the grip of Saturn, lifts us out of the doldrums, restores our vitality – and that includes our romantic appetites. New love affairs begin and honey flows for those already in relationships. There can be an added desire (or temptation, depending on how you look at it) to explore new connections and flirtations that will remain with us all month.  The big, expansive, optimistic Full Moon on October 16 increases friskiness and flirty behaviour.

It’s not all gentle and sweet news however – Rahu and Ketu – the Serpent formed by the Lunar Nodes are moving in the deeps repeating the effects of the eclipse in smaller doses until December 29. So what does that mean? We are entering into an exciting time when some really old, stuck, issues are dissolved entirely – this can be wonderful and a bit scary too. Attachments, no matter how uncomfortable, are at least familiar. Let’s be brave together and build on the promise of the coming Aries Full Moon to take new paths and perspectives on our fate and let go of the old identifications, hangups and dramas. How you traverse this period very much determines the results. Read on if you are interested in more astro details – and I wish you much love, luck and joy this month. xx Asha

Transcend or Degenerate: Eclipse points continue to trigger forming Kala Sarpa yoga until December 2016 : A chance to be free of deep emotional issues if we don’t get tangled in them

Our eclipse cycle may be over until 2017 – but the effect is still with us due to the formation of a specific aspect called Kala Sarpa yoga. All of the planets are gathered between the lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu until Mars crosses over Ketu (South Lunar Node) in Aquarius on December 29. Those most affected are those with Rahu or Ketu in close conjunction to the Sun, Moon, the chart ruler or Ascendant in the natal chart. 

Don’t Freak Out – Read on.

The Kala Sarpa yoga churns all of the planets between the mouth and the tail of the great serpent – the head of the snake is Rahu (North Lunar Node) and Ketu (South Lunar Node) is the tail. Rahu is the drive to attatch to the world of matter: desire, ambition, pleasure and power. Ketu is the tail of the snake – his instinct is to shed : renounce, detach, deny and doubt.  They make the karmic axis which churns our lives up – this churning is most felt during eclipses when Rahu and Ketu “swallow” the sun or the moon in their shadow.

During this Kala Sarpa period the themes which were churned up by the eclipses of September will be refined again and again. You may feel your personal “demon” raise its ugly head again and again- broken only when the moon escapes this aspect periodically during the period. Please make as much time as possible during this time to be peaceful, rest and avoid pursuing addictive or compulsive pleasures, especially those that transgress laws civil or moral. You could really mess yourself up if you do this right now. 

The Moon moves in and out of this aspect during the 3 months it is in play giving us a break every fortnight from the intensity. She is the most rapidly moving planet, changing signs every 2.5 days. During her transits from 16 degrees Aquarius to 16 degrees Leo she breaks the yoga so the effect will come in waves, psychological and emotional pulses. When she crosses over 16 degrees Leo we are plunged again into the turmoil of this aspect – but remember the darkness is rich with wisdom and we can win much for ourselves if we are brave enough to endure the roiling tides without believing the shake-up is the thing itself. Big knots take power to work out and dissolve – trust the intensity, you are being renewed, made new and cleansed of old karma. Though painful, this will only bring you blessings in the rest of your life.

This is traditionally considered an inauspicious time; because the powers at play are so strong – similar to the advice we usually read about eclipses. We can be easily tempted to err in moral conduct and decision making – because of the powerful effect Rahu and Ketu have on the unconscious it is so easy to project our deeper emotional stuff onto others and events around us. It is all really taking place within – simple, mindfulness meditation is best at this time. Too much energetic work exacerbates the karmic churning. Trust me on this one, you don’t need to accelerate this process in any way. Always go gently.  

If we can travel wisely through this time, aware of the influences of the planets,  this aspect can have the opposite effect and clear chaos rather than create it. Great challenges are broken up and dissolved and we are liberated – through deep self knowledge – of serious blockages and significant karmic issues. Work with trust through whatever arises.

Try not to react – try to hold back until the Moon breaks the aspect and see how you feel then (dates below). Avoid wherever possible making significant changes or shifts in life trajectory such as breaking up with a long term partner, moving house or quitting a job until after this period. Often, as with eclipses, it is at this time we feel the most pushed to make those changes. Just remember that during the effect of Kala Sarpa period much is shadowed, unclear or seems worse than it is.

The dates of the most active Kala Sarpa aspect are:

27 September to 12 October

25 October to 8 November

21 November to 5 December

18 December to 28 December

The dates when the Moon breaks the Kala Sarpa Dosha temporarily are:

13 October to 24 October

9 November to 20 November

6 December to 17 December

29 December and onwards.

 (Please note that when the planets are between Ketu and Rahu a different aspect forms called Kala Amrita Yoga). All times given are for Australia. Please adjust the dates of the month if you are in India, USA, UK or anywhere else really!

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