Pisces in Love ~ Venus in Pisces

Pisces needs romantic devotion, they are romantic devotion. This can become a quasi-religious experience; the hopeless romantic sees love as the highest ideal or the fanatically religious Pisces actually in love with God. For Pisces the transpersonal ecstatic love of religion can readily be substituted for sexual and romantic personal loves. Piscean romantic love is devoted, monogamous in ideal and almost requires inequality in order to fulfil the extreme romantic idealism of surrender and redemption through the renunciation of the ego’s desires.

Images Romeo and Juliet – two Pisceans tangled in hopeless love, dying needlessly but damn if it isn’t exquisitely tragic (above)

La Belle Dame Sans Merci – Cowper (The beautiful Woman without mercy.)

The lady is obviously a Scorpio, she’s loving the death of the knight due to excessive pining. The dying knight is the Pisces. He could totally get up and on with sh*t but instead there he is being devoted with no chance of reciprocation . The nobility of this selfless love that requires no return is eminently Piscean. Pisces Love is beautiful, noble and pure. He makes no demands, just that you will let him love you. Don’t try to hold that love it’s way to much, too liquid and diffuse – just let it roll over you in sweet, shimmering waves of Neptune idealism.

Love your Pisces by embracing his need for gentle connection, to feel and to be overwhelmed in tears from time to time. He is probably spiritual if not religious and if he is locked in a materialistic way of living he will be escaping to his dreamy Neptune world somehow; through drink and other intoxicants including love. Encourage him to honour his intuitive and reflective side and don’t hurry him out of a mood. He’ll resurface with some new insight beyond your comprehension but you know there’s something to it, he is in touch with something ‘other’ you don’t quite get.

He swims in deep waters; you may never feel like you can grasp him. If he loves you, you will know it, he will be devoted to you. Usually very thoughtful and enjoys cherishing those he loves they can hide their true feelings for the sake of others resulting in dour moods or explosive waves of feeling (or the former first that then leads to the second if the feelings are not expressed). He will feel comfortable with limits and order that respect his need to return to the mystic side of himself. There is an element of distrustfulness to the Piscean nature – either he harbours a secret jealousy or isn’t 100% honest about things, as a kind of hedging mechanism against an imaginary, future, rejection. He can seem to be in flux, like the tides. Wait for him to come back in, and see what he brings you. You can’t force him to reveal his secret mystical side, but he may let you catch glimpses of it.

Pisces compatibility – Pisces can love everyone. Especially Venus in Pisces, inequality and senseless devotion is their thing. Traditionally we say Cancer, Scorpio and Libra are most compatible for Pisces – these signs meet the Pisces need for devotion, care, romance and sensitivity. But really any sign can work with any other – because you aren’t just your sun sign! Be gentle with his heart – and try and learn to love as sweetly. His loving is a spiritual experience.

(There’s an Aries and Pisces couple I know married for 39 very loving years, but he has Aries Rising so the Aries Woman helps him deal with the world. And Pisces sometimes need a lot of help dealing with the world)

Love love love

This is a playful look at the Sun in love, but you can also read it as a Venus sign interpretation. To learn more about your own unique love signature revealed in your birth chart – email me! seaserpentsky@gmail.com

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