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Astrology is so much more than horoscopes for your star sign! You can use the moon’s movements through the 12 signs each month to plan and organise your life pragmatically – to plan your takeover of the world step-by-step – or spiritually; in the end its pretty much the same thing. Working with the moon creates a gorgeous rhythm to your life plans. We’ve been doing it for a very, very long time – it reconnects us to the natural and ancient world of tides & time and provides a symbolic system that gives mythic meaning to the mundane concerns of our lives. (I wrote a whole post on Why I work with the Moon right here)

The Moon moves through the zodiac in 28 days (lunar month). She moves through each of the 12 signs approximately every 2.5 days (2.5 days in Aries, then 2.5 in Taurus and so on). Each of the zodiac signs shows the way we work through the lesson of that lunar month. The lesson of each lunar month is represented by the zodiac sign the moon is in at the New Moon. (Also called the Dark Moon.)

New Moon: Seed your plans ahead of the next 28 day cycle. If you are lost in the flow of life, use the meaning of the zodiac sign of the month to direct your focus (e.g. Aries: Self, Taurus: Material security, Pisces: Devotion & spirituality). The theme of the month is identified by the sign of the New Moon: Scorpio Moon Cycle, Capricorn Moon Cycle .

First Quarter: The first crisis in your plans. The first results of your effort take shape. You may be confronted by others about your work and forced to look over your work started at the New Moon. The sign the moon moves into at the first quarter shows how this obstacle makes itself known. (Sagittarius: a crisis of ideals, Leo: a crisis of confidence)

Full Moon: Things come to light and fulfilment. It becomes clear what needs to be done to achieve your goal. The sign of the full moon shows what area of your life comes to fulfilment. (Gemini full moon : communication, connection to sibling; Scorpio full moon: Transformation, passion, shared resources)

Last Quarter: Analysis phase. We look over the work we’ve done, the obstacles to achieving our goals or what we need to do next is shown by the sign of the last quarter moon. (e.g. Libra: need for partnership, balance & fair-mindedness, Capricorn: focus, discipline and the long-view) . As the moon fades back to dark we gather in the thread of the month’s experience, make sense of what passed, reflect, rest & process quietly. It’s time to slow down and complete our work ahead of the next lunar cycle. Not a good time to begin a new project or make progress if a new issue has arisen at work or in the personal life. Put it to oneside, and look the the New Moon theme for the next month and plan to work on it then. This is a good time for organising and tidying up.

There are many greater cycles within the year related to the moon, but for now learn how to journal and plan through the 28 day process. As you begin to understand the cycles of waxing and waning you can then apply it to your own natal chart. Which house does the upcoming Full Moon shine in? What is that triggering? Does the Full Moon align with any of your planets or even an especially important point like the Ascendant, Sun or Moon? Learning to track the waxing and waning of the moon through the natal chart assists you to deal better with mood fluctuations, the changeable mind and to understand when and where best to direct your efforts for the month.

Full Moon on the Ascendant = Shining bright,  amenable and personable to others, reflecting others, strong in your emotional and inner life. Can be a good time for winning people over to your point of view as you are more sympathetic and intune with others at this time.

Full Moon in the same sign as the Natal Sun – A lunar cycle that is all about you and who you are in essence. Fulfillment and fruition in your efforts to understand your purpose and direction in life. A month of increased confidence and backing yourself.

Full Moon aligns with Natal Moon – This is called the Lunar Return and is a time of emotional satisfaction and fullfillment. Ease, happiness and satisfaction unless Moon is also aspecting difficult planets.

Love Asha Maria

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