Pluto – The Dragon of the Psyche

Pluto as the World Serpent, Leviathan, The Serpent in the Garden:

Transform and transcend or be lost in roiling, potent, destructive force. The force of Regeneration is not destructive because it is inherently malevolent but because this force is so great it takes a strong and disciplined will to put it to work. Pluto power at work brings profound change on an elemental level of the psyche. Structures aren’t just rearranged but torn down, burnt and something completely new put in their place.

Pluto power raw and undirected leads to annihilation. Not nothingness, not a void but beyond the binary of existence/non existence. No reincarnation just complete dissolution and irrevocable loss. But Pluto power, directed by a will that is disciplined through compassion, reflection and love, is the tremendous earth-shaking force that can tear down injustice and birth a new world from the rubble. The courage and strength to tear away all that was with only the vision of what should be to guide you.  Thus Pluto is also associated with fearlessness.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto – those with planets or points in Scorpio must learn to master that aspect of themselves with discipline. When that has been achieved you will unleash great power from that part of your nature. What seems destructive and overwhelming reveals itself as a truly spiritual and regenerating impulse.

Wherever Pluto itself lands in your chart is where you are called to face issues of power, responsible use of power, lasting transformation and self control. This is where you must transform and regenerate that which is terrifying & overwhelming within your psyche. If you face this process with fearless courage, Pluto determination, you can discover this shadow-self can transform into an Angel of Light. This is the mystery of Lucifer as Satan and Light-Bearer.

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