Pluto: Trump XX – Judgement & Rapture

The Aeon – Trump XX (from the Thoth Harris-Crowley deck)

The final judgement, the line is drawn, this is the point of no return, the birth of a new cosmos. All has been experienced and understanding crystallises into a kind of perfect awareness – the old self is dead and gone and the new dawn of awareness is here. This is a card of endings and optimistic beginnings. But a beginning that has been willed into being, not through chance but through conscious in/action.

Mythically this card evokes biblical imagery of the Day of Judgement, The Rapture and Dante’s release from Purgatory. The weighing of the Heart’s Feather and ascent into the Tu’aat of Egyptian mythos. (If you have more mythic stories that align with the concept of judgement and restoration to life please comment! I am not a folklorist and my knowledge is limited to my own cultural heritage)

“I have crushed an Universe and naught remains” – Crowley.

Element of Fire

My planetary attribution is Pluto – revolution, complete renewal, rebirth like the Phoenix stronger, more colourful and beautiful before. Born anew but with the wisdom and lessons of the previous incarnation.

The Qabalist assigns the letter Shin to this Trump

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