Radiant Heart – Venus in Libra II

Venus in Libra til Jan 1, 2019 brings us an offering, and an invitation. As the teacher in the material world of the senses – Venus invites us to find wisdom and the true Heart of Love through our relationship with desire. Desire for comfort, for romance, for sex, for luxuries. Desire for acknowledgement, pleasure and ease. Desire for friendship, joy and dancing. In the coming months, She asks us, are you ready to Fall in Love? To find the courage to change patterns that cause you grief, turmoil and attachment?

So often, the pattern of heartbreaks and poisonous relationship is broken by finding the courage to accept yourself. This makes us tremble, it makes us weep. It reminds us of all the wounding that allowed low self worth to take root in the first place. We cry out! And sometimes we reach out for an attachment, a love, a sensuous escape to ease the sharp sting. Self love isn’t about ego building, but humility. We want love, we must revere it. Cherish it, treasure it. We must stop allowing others to drink us dry and cast us off. And it is hard work, there is no blame, but it is hard work. Let us begin with acceptance of all parts of ourselves, and cultivating gentleness and love despite our flaws, or the wounds we carry. Let us begin from the smallest part of our world, our own selves and work outwards, healing gently, renewing and readying ourselves for the relationships, romances and friends we long for. Let us respect the power of love & desire we hold in us, so much, that we have boundaries to protect it, that we are responsible and wise with ourselves and our potential. Thus, we become gracious, gentle, flourishing. Thus we heal, and find the Heart of Love. I am trembling, I am unsure, but I am ready to begin. Love Asha xx

Venus in Libra

Venus enters Libra September 02, 2018 Venus retrograde begins October 06, 2018 Venus direct November 16, 2018 Venus leaves Libra, January 1, 2019

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About Asha: Asha has been studying and reading astrology & tarot for 15 years. Tarot and astrology are our traditional story cycles, full of old wisdom, healing and beauty. Asha invites you to join her in this creative work; reconnecting with your purpose, finding delight after darkness or strength for the journey ahead. She has worked with hundreds of other wild souls to support their growth, harmony and happiness. You can book a time with her in person or via Skype. Or just follow, read and enjoy

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