Sagittarius Sun Sign – The Archer

Sagittarius – The Archer 22nd November – 21st December*

Ah, delightful Sagittarius! You of the notorious bluntness, foot constantly in mouth, big dreams, big adventures and big heart! Oh commitment-phobe, will-o-the-wisp! You are inspiring and confounding; and so irrepressibly free! Ever the optimist you are ‘happy-goes-lucky’, noble of spirit and (recklessly) courageous.

Is there ever anyone so inspiring as an Archer on her divine mission? Chasing arrows over rainbows, her eyes fixed on her ideal – unwavering and determined. Yes, she may trip up because she was looking so far ahead, but remember whether she is galloping or appears to be walking aimlessly you cannot take hold of her.

She is a true free spirit, a natural force, eternally optimistic. Warm and easy-going but not really known for being reliable. Well, not in a sense that would satisfy a Capricorn or a Scorpio. Sagittarius are loyal and true if they believe in the cause – perhaps more so than many other people – but you must not ever ask them to say so explicitly. And if you must ask them to say it – which is sometimes necessary because their naturally non-committal ways make things appear very unclear to the rest of us – only ask her once a year. Every time you are unsure of your friend (who never calls back, turns up on time, nor will admit to where she is headed after this moment) remember the irresistible smile and that her almost chronic state of ease does not mean she is not attached to you (or her job etc.). Do not keep tabs or ask her where she was. If she doesn’t want to be there with you, she won’t be there. If she has stopped her search for a moment to see you, don’t waste that time in asking if she wants to be there or exactly how much she cares!

If you have a Sagittarius lover – unless their chart is dominated by a more solid sign like Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus – search your heart, are you brave enough? You will probably never get an explicit declaration or commitment in any traditional sense. Not to say that Archers don’t marry, have children, move in together – but they always have a sense of restlessness that is palpable. You will probably never get to sit there and be nostalgic, hear words of commitment very often, they hate the idea of forever because it implies that you have both agreed to stop seeking – and Archer, you are quite right!

Like Aquarius, the Archer is not impressed by traditions and fitting in with how things ‘are meant to go’. She makes her own path and usually makes it alone. Give her more space than you think she needs but be ready to receive her when she returns – food, quiet, somewhere comfortable to rest. If you play cool when she comes back to get her to prove her love for you beware, she won’t come back next time. Yes, Scorpios I am talking to you – this is a big card to play and it is not recommended. You may win one round, but you risk damaging your love forever and restricting that free spirit is never worth it – you will lose and she will keep travelling on taking it all rather philosophically.

She can see that things aren’t personal – the higher view is always there – not into her? ok, cool, let’s do our own thing. Don’t mistake this big picture view for lack of feeling (unlike Aquarius ahem) – Sagittarius are deeply passionate, they just don’t lay their ‘trip’ on others.

Archers are happiest when they have plenty of time to be free, explore, search – in whatever sphere of life this may be for them (check out your birth chart and the ‘house’ of the Sun for a few more clues).

Do not make demands of the Archer, they will not be fulfilled. She refuses to give when demanded (in fact only dear Pisces is enough of a sop for this tactic). The Archer is hurt and disappointed you think so little of her noble nature that you want proof. She is also blaming herself, wondering how she failed to show you what she meant – and how she could be so wrong about you.

I know a Sagittarius who lived at no fixed address for 18 years. (Now he has fixed addresses, he just moves every 12 months to a new one.) I have never met a Sagittarius who knows how to keep in touch and call back; it seems they simply trust they will bump into you again sometime soon (on a less romantic note, if they don’t cross your path again I suspect they’re not particularly upset!) In all seriousness, if you have hooked up with an Archer and he or she texts you AT ALL it means she is really into you.

When you love an Archer – whether as a lover, friend or family – have no expectations about how she should express her love. These are gentle souls, optimistic and noble in spirit – rarely are her motives anything other than pure. Don’t wound Sagittarius by making demands or interrogating. They just can’t be that person. Jealousy is not interpreted as a sign of attachment with an Archer – it shows a weak spirit. Watch and learn the unique way Archers show affection and kindness. It will move you more than any promise of forever-after could.

Sagittarius – The Archer


Joyous Power

Freedom & Adventure

Exuberant Activity

Ruled by: Jupiter

Element: Spiritual Fire

Tarot Card: Temperance (Art)


Courageous & Playful

Curious & Adventurous

Dynamic & Volatile

Generous & Indulgent

Philosophical Optimism & Hope


Forethought & Application

Seeing things Through

Steady application of Will

Caution with Resources Real-World Needs

Tact and Sensitivity to Others

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*Allowing for annual variance of cusp date

OMG I am a Sagittarius and that is so not me!! Is this how you’re feeling right now? Hmmm you are probably one of those weirdos  (like me) that has conflicting aspects in your chart that overwhelm your Sun Sign nature…. read these posts on the Sun, the Ascendant and the Moon Sign for more information. Sun Sign interpretations are at best approximate at worst vague – your astrological blue print is unique. Email me on to organise a chart interpretation and find out why you are a reliable, sensible and predictable Sagittarius.

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