Saturn Direct in Scorpio: Form and Finality

Saturn (Lord Shani) is direct in Scorpio after being retrograde since March 25…it can be hard to make headway in our careers, investments or overcome obstacles while Saturn is retrograde. If you managed to stick to it during that time you will now reap in full the fruits of your harvest. Saturn can get a bad rap because he is the lord of limits, reality & responsibilities. Of course we humans being a soft, pleasure loving bunch don’t often like any of those things. Saturn holds us accountable…he settles accounts too and brings endings. It all depends where you are at whether the ending is painful or freeing. Saturn makes us face our shortcomings and reveals our strength. Saturn makes us live with the consequences of our actions (karma) and makes us get serious about fulfiling our potential (making new karma)…or lose our gifts. Saturn aligns with his enemy, Mars on August 24 in Scorpio. This can bring crises but if we are wise, clarity & endings (Saturn) so we can move on (Mars). Avoid arguments or clearing the air with loved ones this week it will only become unecessarily BIG. Just avoid, avoid, don’t get into anything – it is too easy for things to get waay out of hand. Unless you are both wise enough to use the ferocious energy for conflict to illuminate & liberate you from the confusion of your conflict…then by all means go to it and sort it out. 🔥❤🙏 In Vedic astrology mantra is a powerful means of connecting to and aligning with planetary energies. This Shani Mantra is particularly lovely, it is light and gentle and honours this serious task master for who he really is – a revealer of truth and creator of order. You might like to listen to it if you feel things are getting too much around the Mars & Saturn conjunction. Love Asha

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