Serpent Aspects form in the Heavens

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Eve & the Serpent - William Blake

August Planetary Weather Report

First date is for Australia / 2nd date is further West

10/9 – Mars crosses sensitive point between watery Cancer & royal Leo (over Ashelsha star)

9/8 – Mars moves into Leo. Mars is positive in Leo.

12/11 – Jupiter goes direct in Scorpio (retro since April 11)

15 – Cancerian Full Moon over Ashlesha star

17/16 Sun-Venus align in Cancer

17/16 - Sun enters Leo, his own sign. Powerful energy of transformation as he crosses knot and enters Leo to express joy.

26/25 Venus & Mercury transit Cancer/Leo knot (gandanta)

There are some intense planetary aspects at play until the end of August when Sun & Mars will be in strength again. Please be careful not to push anything - but do stand, wisely, observant like a serpent waiting for a little mouse to scurry by - ready if opportunity strikes. Like that serpent though, you make sure you don't eat too much and get stuck, or show yourself too soon!

Don't get provoked into using your venom or give away your favourite spot in the Sun. Especially if you are doing some skin shedding right now - find that secret place where you can undertake that process safely & completely. Right now, Mars is crossing the knot between Cancer and Leo. This is Ashlesha star - a sign associated with serpent power, poison, transformation, danger - but also the kind of magic kindled when we stand in a place of intense danger and heat, temptation and volatility - with cool wisdom. When people first get into yoga, fall in love, pursue a spiritual practise of any kind, - we want to push, chase peak experience, dance too long, go out too far. This is the Ashelsha impulse. To chase intoxication, sexual energy, the thrill of power, knowledge or wealth (however you define that).

There is also another aspect around all planets right now, that amplifies this, called - Kaal Sarpa - which exacerbates the Serpent Wisdom/Danger/Challenge of this period. Mars crosses the Serpent point first, then Sun/Venus align and cross it, finally in the last week of the month Mercury will do the same (completing the retrograde process from July with a big 'reveal'!). By late August all 4 planets will be in Royal Leo and we'll have smoother sailing but now - Cancer is amplifying emotional intensity and crises around belonging & family. Mars is at his worst in Cancer - the last 6 weeks have been emotionally reactive - petty and out of touch with his noble spirit, he falls from brave warrior to traitor. A cheat - cowardly, feeling sorry for himself and causing drama instead of helping us drive towards goals or attack challenges with gusto hidden factors have been hampering our success. This vibe intensifies (is exposed) as he crosses the last degrees of Cancer. Mars is difficult until August 10 or 11.

Good news is, once Mars is in radiant Leo he will be in his best spot for 2 years. Here he behaves like a conquering King, energetic, bright & unstoppable. Here, all your Mars issues will shift gear - act with valour & discipline and watch that murky energy clear, positivity return & hardships fall at your onslaught. Sun and Venus follow Mars, crossing the serpent point on the 17th. Sun challenges Venus' usual calm in Cancer - heating emotions but also bringing good fortune, love, support & kindness especially through women in authority in your life (or your own Sovereign Mother energy.)

Sun & Venus cross the Ashlesha sensitive point, on the 17th but the energy builds in the coming week. It will be exciting, difficult, and tempting to over do things emotionally, or give into passion - be patient. The good fortune, that advantage, that sweetheart may fall into your lap if you go gently, but will slip through your fingers for sure if you reach out and grasp! Sun and Venus bring bounty. Check where they will align in your chart based on your ascendant.

Jupiter is now slowing, turning direct on August 12 - at LAST!! It's been a hard transit, because Jupiter has been doing karmic work over the knot between Scorpio and Sagittarius since April - this karmic knot is a star called Mula. As intense as the Ashelsha point is (where Mars, Venus & Sun are dancing,) the one called Mula is about getting to the root of things. As in - digging up a stubborn stump of an issue that will not budge, despite blistered hands, aching back, every trick and lever - nothing works. This work of digging up a stubborn issue dates back to Nov 2013. Jupiter touched Sagittarius earlier in the year - we got a taste of that good vibe, happy life - before he went retro.

This is the 'unfinished business' of Saturn's harrowing over this point (Jan to Oct 2017). But where Saturn says sternly - look at this mess and face your karma - Jupiter's direct motion will bring resolution, he will show you he has finally gotten that old, dead tree stump out of the way - and now the soil is sweet for planting. The issue will be put to rest as much as is possible, by the end of November. Yep - a loooong cycle is culminating, but as we approach liberation, there is always a counter pull - a temptation, a provocation, a shimmering invitation to keep playing, to kick the pattern on just one more time, to stay in that karmic cycle - miserable-comfortable perhaps, but familiar. The personal planets leaving Cancer, will provoke these experiences to continue by triggering our subjective emotional reactions. Vibe with Jupiter, go slowly and go wisely instead. As the Moon waxes to full in Cancer (in Ashlesha star no less!), as the lunar nodes form Serpent Aspect swallowing all the planets in their belly, what will we choose? Don't feed into an illusion that is breaking up right before your eyes. Let it dissolve. And sing it out of your reality.

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