Serpent Wisdom: Transformation Astrology

WEEKEND ASTROLOGY UPDATE: Feeling that shifting, shivering, changing feeling? We are in Serpent Period with all planets between the head and tail of the snake – Rahu and Ketu or the eclipse points. This is a time of churning, chaotic, unsteadiness AND CHANGE! Good change! It is also an exciting time, Serpents are always connected to hidden riches, secret wisdom and powerful magics. Mercury is in his own sign and exalted from September 25. We experience a steadier, wiser mode of communication after the Merc Leo transit which included a retrograde, lots of hot words and overactive mental life! Virgo is about wise economy, care and considered action. The planting of seeds for a future harvest. Mercury in Virgo helps us understand the best strategies to achieve our goals. The Sun and Mercury both in Virgo steady the heat from Leo Venus and Mars. Relationships are passionate, sparks might fly from conflict as much as romance so keep checking in with your ‘best plan’ (that lovely Virgo energy) and use the heat to drive towards your creative and material world goals. Solutions arise to knots and frustrations as Moon transits out of the Serpent aspect (Kaal Sarp yog) Oct 2. The Full Moon is in full effect from Moon rise at sunset October 5. The Pisces Full Moon brings wisdom, clarity and grace. In Uttara Bhadrapada star, of Pisces constellation, the Full Moon separates us from some undesireable influences and brings riches and scintillating beauty. One of the mysteries connected to Uttara Bhadra is the ‘snake net’. Following the stories represented by the current planets and their positions this Full Moon will help us gather the wealth and rewards from recent upheavals – riches we may not even realised were possible to recoup from recent troubles. For now, work at restoring order after the big Leo month just past, with all the eclipses and other big planetary changes (retrogrades, sign changes uff so much!). Saturn is finishing up his work in Scorpio and readying to leap across the knot between Scorpio and Sagittarius bringing a wonderful shift in gears towards a new karmic experience, from Oct 2017 to 2020. Give thanks for the lessons since Nov 2014 Saturn in Scorpio and the strength you’ve discovered. Allow the churning influence of the Serpent aspect which will operate every fortnight until January to slough off old scales and dive deep to retrieve those riches wrought from your deep soulwork.

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Ancient Serpent (Serpent of Wisdom): 1924 Nicholas Roerich #horoscope #vedicastrology #yoga #astrology #transformation

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