Sovereign & Sure: 5 planets in Leo

The New Moon crescent glimmers, and with 5 planets in Leo we begin this lunar cycle with a determination to be the centre light of our lives. Lion Moon phases bring a charge to shine and claim your place in your life, your relationships, your calling for this life. With the Full Moon appearing in Aquarius in 2 weeks we are charged to know who we are so we can support community & ecology with our talents, strengths & truth.

Whenever planets cluster in a sign they bring tension & agitation as well as wild changes and unexpected blessings, they can trigger the shadow of our longings into our dreams or right up in our face on the job, in our love affairs, in how our body feels, senses and moves. Get ready to confront self-worth, sabotaging behaviours that keep us subservient to others, seeing ourselves as counterparts - a walk-on part in someone else's masterpiece rather than the radiant centre from which our intelligence and heart engages with reality.

Serpent aspect is active til September 9 too - so there's a churning karmic element to this lunar cycle - don't push things, resist the urge to 'fix' in order to escape - instead shine radiant in the midst of it and see what remains at the end of the cycle. There is your gold, there is your truth.

Full Moon will be in Aquarius - Purva Bhadrapada star - the sword of truth and clarity - on the 14th. In European mythos, think of Excalibur. The weeks leading up to Full Moon will test you for this task - purify your heart, keep your mind clear of shadows and claim your magic. Then - serve.

Current Planets

Venus, Mars, Mercury, Sun and Moon (remains in Leo until late on Saturday AEST) -

Saturn Retro in Sagittarius with South Node Ketu - Saturn direct Sept. 18

Jupiter now direct in Scorpio crossing gandanta (knot)

Full Moon - 14 September Australia, UK & India, 13 Sept. USA

Venus the Beauteous close to Sun is too hot - bringing dissatisfaction, a longing for luxury & comforts, and hot words with love interests. Femme dynamics can be competitive rather than supportive, and mothers need to take care to let daughters/nieces/younger ones find their shine instead of guiding their shine. This aspect softens from September 9 with Sun and Venus supporting each other instead of reacting - expect better results with money, love & pleasure from this period. Taurus and Libra, both ruled by Venus, will find themselves more prone to disappointment tears, frustrations and feeling over-looked. Your lovers had better spoil you - or even better spoil yourself - with a bath of milk and honey (coconut & brown sugar for vegans) to soften any feelings of disappointment.

Mars the Warrior loves Leo. Here his ferocity is tempered to noble strength. This is a great time for Aries and Scorpions, (although Scorpio you have too much going on at home/ancestral/mother-roots and things might get a little too hot underfoot). We can all expect a boost to health, vitality and general energy. Mars helps us ignite new ideas & strive for our goals with an irresistible, golden sheen to all our manoeuvrings. Pisces experiences agitation in intimate life and will not benefit as much from this aspect. Likewise, Virgo is under pressure with all these planets bringing up deep unconscious issues in the 12th house, triggering loss that will clear the earth for a new cycle when Sun moves into Virgo on September 15. As for Leos this whole post is all about YOU - with all the planets bringing a focus to your personality and identity and full moon showing issues of belonging/sharing space (physical, sensual, emotional, material) with another, trusted loved one.

Mercury the Magician and communicator helps spark clever ideas, flashes of insight & swiftly remove obstacles - the steady radiance of Leo promises opportunity if we take the spark, stoke it, feed it with the right fuel (patience, hard work, focus, networking, planning). He can heat our words or tempt us to take a gamble. With the Serpent Aspect still active you are best to hold off - take note, do some research but don't act on impulse, we haven't yet passed to a place of clarity and Mercury's communications are only as good as his sources. Gemini is energised by their ruler being in Leo, focusing on the local busy of your life - expect to be overwhelmed with appointments, social engagements and papers that need filing, emails that need sending. Organise yourself now so you make all the magic come off just as it should. Cancer - your potential to create are illuminated this month - with 5 planets beginning the cycle in the house of the bodily energies, resources/talents and wealth.

Sun in Leo helps us remember our sovereign role in our lives. We are the Sun in our reality, the galactic centre of our personal cosmos. The Sun is the loving, radiant heart of our solar system, but if she is also the centre of gravity she is also the force responsible for self-expression. True Self-Expression is making space from complications and confusions wherever we can - so that our true being can reveal herself to us. So that we can unfold naturally, with ease - as if we were born to it (which we are! We just get in our own way).

Sometimes this requires death of desires we thought were our own (perhaps projected onto us, or a reaction to experiences or even an ego security-blanket telling us who we are and what we deserve; positive or negative). So the ego can struggle with these insights and experience self-doubt and reduced self image. Let the ego attachment crumble, and seek the thread that leads you to the deeper truth of you, it's liberating, healing, exciting and gentle at the same time. It's also, often, really bloody obvious. We just get in our own way with shoulds and projections.

We are sovereign when we remember we are not in control of what happens to us but that what and who we are remains eternal through all experiences. We cannot be tarnished, dimmed; improved or amplified - through breakups, falling in love, passion, dream job, dead-end job, illness or wellness, fame or infamy. The idea we have control of our reality is an illusion. Our calling is to discover how to shine our unique intelligence & creativity while fulfilling our duty/destiny (dharma). That also means having the strength to raise our head on the dark day and continue to put on our gold clothes like the Sun does and rise and set, and do it all again. The Full Moon in Aquarius mid month will help us see our place within community and our responsibility - the sovereign gifts we've brought to enrich that community - and a plan for making it happen.

With all these planets in Leo, and the Kal Sarp yoga (Serpent Aspect) active throughout August and September (churning is between August 25/24 and Sept. 9/8*). And with planets aligning as they transit Leo there will be tensions, clashes and mixes of joy & exuberance with the tensions these close alignments can bring. Let all potentials show themselves, but take time not to react or feel compelled to seize the idea before things have settled a little, towards the end of the month.

Saturn is making his final conjunction with Ketu (September 15/14 exact) and will at last separate from the South Lunar Node Ketu. From mid month - at last the constant karmic reckoning and delays you've been experiencing since May this year will ease - slowly. When Saturn crosses into his own sign in January we will all feel the better for it - he is strong in his own sign and Jupiter will be in Sagittarius (his own sign) bringing much better tides for all of us but especially, Sagittarius, Taurus, Capricorn & Aquarius. For Sagittarius and Taurus currently experiencing Sade Sati and Shani Astamsha this will bring relief, the feeling of grind and dissipiation of vital energy will abate and you can expect improvements in both physical and mental health.

Jupiter is now direct in Scorpio - for Taurus and Scorpio this brings an improvement in committed relationships, even if it is the clarity of separation - things steady and are more peaceful. Sagittarius and Pisces feel like life is moving forward again, and it is easier to make decisions (although Sagittarius is still afflicted by Saturn til January.) Jupiter the planet of Great Blessing is healing where Saturn has harrowed - the knot between Scorpio and Sagittarius called Mula. Karma from January 26, 2017 to October 26, 2017 comes back up - but bringing blessing & wisdom - and for some liberation from the issue. This can be triggering for some of us - so with the planetary tensions currently at play, think wisely - new cycle or spin cycle? Stand in your sovereignty and choose as best you can. Not in reaction to others or circumstances, but as an active choice - even if that choice is made within limitations. After all that karmic work, you are assured spiritual blessing, healing and peace. This will be most clear once we get to January when Jupiter and Saturn are in their own signs and in strength.

Until the Full Moon - my love and blessings on you all as you make your way through these tides - and make space to discover more about your purpose, calling and gifts. The collective is strong when each individual can ally their truth, abilities and wisdom to the community's needs & vision. That is the message of this Leo/Aquarius lunar cycle. Whether your community is just within your home or your karma has placed you in a sphere of more public responsibility, work with this in mind and you will work with the forces at play right now.

Love Asha xx

*times are given first as Australian Eastern Standard Time e.g. 25/24 August, with the second date being for countries further West. UK and India generally share the same date for transits as Australia. You can find detailed planetary information (panchanga) here

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