Sting in the tail: Kala Sarpa and Moon 

The Kala Sarpa aspect is about to be broken by Mother Moon. Today she aligns with Ketu, the South Lunar Node (not depicted on this chart, but he’s conjunct ♆ which the moon is close to in the image) . This has mixed effects – on the one hand we have a fortnight of lighter atmosphere overall, approaching the joyous Aries Full Moon on the weekend. Aries always means new, fresh, vitality it’s gonna be fun ❤🔥. Although all the other planets remain in the belly of the serpent the Moon is free of it. She transmits the planetary signals to Earth & our wonderful sensing instruments, our bodies. For sensitive souls this can seem a bane more than a boon, that’s why understanding the lunar cycles is so helpful.☽ The fortnight ahead is a chance to practise and get used to living in our new reality after working through some big issues triggerred by the eclipses in September. You’ll feel like things are moving again and experience a consolidation of your revelations & realisations bubbling up from that time. That’s right, you did get it and you haven’t gone backwards. *BUT* before we feel this Ketu brings the sting in the tail. Before the moon slides off his back you can expect a big SPIKE in old pain, bad vibes however you frame it and name it. She moves past him by later tonight. Do not be discouraged beloveds, this is how transformation goes – it’s not all Phoenix like beauty 🔥🔥🔥 a big burst of flame, and excruciating moment of pain and then free…Instead it fluxes and flows, we go round and round, revisiting, being tempted to lock back into the cycle whether it’s emotional reactions, the same old neurosis or pushing it down. That’s why Rahu/Ketu is called the Karmic Axis. Whatever your tendency is, these moments are an opportunity to observe it and eyes squeezed tight, trust and let it flow through and out. Or to see it, see yourself act in it and know you are done and you realease the self chastisement, blaming, the whole drama is just an echo fading more and more. Be gentle with yourself and your beloveds. All storms pass and after the wind and rain dies down the air is fresh and clear and sweet again. Love, Asha

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