Sun of the Morning – Chief Among the Mighty!

Glory, Gain, Riches, The Sun at Midday, Centre of the Solar System, Illumination on the Material Plane. Sheer joy, vitality and vigour, but gentle and benevolent. The warm influence of the King of Heaven shines upon your endeavours.

The shadow aspect of the Sun is vanity, hubris and domineering behaviour. The sun scorches the Earth in his brilliance, disregarding the needs of vegetation and life. With authority and prestige comes responsibility to regulate and manage power with gentleness and discretion.

“Give forth thy light to all without doubt; the clouds and shadows are no matter for thee. Make Speech & Silence, Energy & Stillness twin forms of thy play” ~ Aleister Crowley

Planet: Sun Astrological signs: Leo (Strength – XI) &  Aries (The Emperor – IV)

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