Tarot Reading: After the Deluge, The Way Opens

2 Card Trick: Tarot with Asha Maria | After the Flood, a New Path Opens |

The Deluge washes away the old structures, those safe places you thought were sure of. The force of our psyche is far more potent & primal than we’d like to admit. She will assert her purpose at any cost if we refuse to listen, insisting on paths that honour no one – paths we choose because they are safe or familiar. We build a city to shore up our sense of insecurity. Then we convince ourselves the Cit…y is reality. Then the Deluge comes to free us of our deceptions that have become our prisons. Yes, the world and it’s chaos can be terrifying…if our aim is to control it. You don’t need to be in charge to have power. You are very small. And that means you are absolutely free. The City is not eternal. The forces of nature are immortal. Building up followed by destruction is how life works. There is no safe place anywhere. All we can do is laugh, trust, remain curious. That’s what courage is. When the storm passes the City familiar landmarks point to nothing. We are nowhere. We can’t even tell which street we are on. We are faced with sky, hills, rivers and we realise we are part of this – we are raw and wild as a river in flood. They are the ancestors. We are their children. What do you do when the landmarks of your heartbreaks & what you believed are broken or no longer serve you?

Allow the Storm to gather them up and cast them from you. In the still morning look over the open space the Deluge has carved for you. It is all there waiting for your hand to make the first mark. You don’t create your reality. But you can learn to dance in it and the marvel of it. Then the way is open, we don’t get to complain it isn’t the door we want or that the path isn’t soft to our feet. All we have to do is go onwards, curious and seeking. Who knows what new world will be born now that the old has passed away?

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