The Aquarius Moon Child

If your child has an Aquarius Moon she is generally great with her friends. She needs space from your feelings but she needs to know your reasons for doing things are thought out and, well, reasonable. She will never respect authority for authority’s sake.

Her emotions are optimistic and generally well controlled – unless you try to control her, then she will retreat behind the cool aqua aloofness. Be careful, you will have to struggle to know her real feelings if you push her in this way. As a young adult this can mean she retreats into a hidden world you are exiled from. Keep her connected to you by listening to her insight and understanding and increasing her autonomy as she shows her capacity to handle her growing independence. If you must curb her freedom you must give her a sound reason (one she can understand). Let her explore unusual ideas, encourage inventiveness and creative problem solving. Let her channel her humanitarian impulses in volunteering for community organisations, especially social justice or protest movements. Otherwise she may feel overwhelmed by the state of the world and withdraw emotionally, developing a sense of insecurity.

Her feelings don’t burst out in storms, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel – she tends to intellectualise. Help her learn to bring those feelings into her body – exploring her own responses to anger, anxiety, joy and sadness – then bring her back to these when you observe her struggling with emotional expression (I mean, when you are struggling with her emotional expression!). Aquarius sees everything as a concept and lives in tomorrow. But emotions need to be experienced now in order to help us grow and be healthy, happy people. Enjoy her weird and wonderful ideas and her unique way of expressing her connection to you. To feel secure she needs interesting and novel experiences and time to reflect upon them quietly.

Each child has a unique Astrological Blue Print, just like you do. The planetary influences and aspects just express themselves in a different way with children and young people. There is very little life experience and the personality is still largely unformed, pliable and rapidly developing. Understanding your child or young person’s astrological make up helps you to support the birth into adulthood. Reducing interference as your child self-manifests is essential to reducing distressing conflict and power struggles between different personality dynamics. If you understand their emotional nature, ego drives, sentimental life and other elements more deeply you can better meet your child’s needs and create an environment in which their Cosmic Nature can flourish.

~ Love Asha Maria

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