The Aries Child – or being smacked in the head with a school shoe by accident

And thus my 6 year old Ram declares to the world her intention to bash her little brow against everything in her way – including other Rams.

Note, she did not say – ‘Everyone else get out of the way’, oh no. She said, clearly – only other Rams are:

a) competitors worth considering b) competitors worth beating

She assumes, rightly, that all the other star babies have scattered when she made the challenge – ‘Who is tougher than me!?’

(I might add that Mummy-Astrologer only told her she was a Ram and that Rams are brave and tough. Baby Ram worked out the rest herself.

Ram children are LOUD. They are rough. They are tough and brave and resilient. They never, ever stop.

And I mean, never. Other kids have ‘kid level’ energy. Rams have insane, endless power to run and climb, to jump and fight and experience. They generate their own energy, from their inner fire, spinning like a dynamo powering them until suddenly it shuts off and she is fast asleep. She even sleeps with determination. Her face is smooshed into her pillow – to get this sleep thing ‘done’ so she can get on with waking up and more adventures.

Rams will bump you really hard – when they run to hug you I recommend you brace yourself, they may accidentally knock you over with their exuberance. She swings her arms around and watch the head! Dodge it because she will head-butt you – as a means of communication when she is very little, as a means of affection/protest when older.  She can’t help it. When she is angry, watch her face go red, the theatrical scowl and her head bent down and forward. You’d better have a strategy in place to redirect this or jump out of the way before she charges.

Aries – the Ram – is ruled by the god Mars, god of war and power. Mars also represents ambition, passion and determination. The Ram baby is a very determined person (unless somehow mitigated by a lot of water aspects) and even then it’s not really enough to dampen Mars power. You cannot order her to do things, she will just refuse. You have to challenge her, ‘Can you?…’ ‘Maybe I should help you…’ Watch her race to get the task done, to prove she is very independent. She will be delighted to do things herself, and especially to do them for you. But the Ram Baby will rarely work within the routine or to your time schedule.

You cannot say to a Ram, ‘if you don’t I will take away….x,y,z’ – because her willpower is stronger than yours, she will just fold her arms and dig her heels in. Remember she may have woken you up at dawn but she slept so hard that she is well rested. You haven’t got the endurance. Don’t challenge her to combat – challenge her to achieve things just beyond her reach.

Ram babies are hilarious, confident and independent. But they have a deeply vulnerable side. They are wounded by social complexities – things are overall straightforward to her.

She is angry. Then she is not. Why are you still worrying about an hour ago? The Ram has moved on!

Loving an Aries child means giving her space to roam, to succeed, to be strong – even stronger than you. We need to help her to direct her power from rage to action, stubbornness to determination. And when things don’t work out at first Ram must learn not to tear them apart but to put them aside, find something else to do and come back later. She may never come back to finish that task –  it is enough if she hasn’t torn it apart in her frustration.

Support your Ram and ignore the looks from others who insist she must sit still beyond her capacity or wear a dress or comb her hair more than once every few days. You have a Ram! A wonderful, brave, determined adventurer. You won’t really have to worry about her being led astray, if you acknowledge her power and potential. I will say though, you may have to watch it’s not her that does the leading astray – because Aries is the natural born leader and doesn’t ask for permission.

Unless she is covered in grass stains, scrapes and carrying a stick – EVERYWHERE – she is not going to be a very fulfilled little Aries Baby.  So, if you are the kind of parents that like pretty clothes on your children and a tidy house – save yourself grief and battles you will surely lose – confine the chaos to one area and tell her to get outside and learn how to get mud stains out of the carpet. Unless of course, you are also an Aries – then you might stand a chance.


Confident, Brave, Tough, Resilient, Happy, Loves the Outdoors, Natural Leader, Warm and Faithful Heart

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