The Aries Sun – Brash & Ambitious

Aries – The Ram

March 21 – April 19 *

A Short Guide to being (or surviving) an Aries:

Are you a Ram or a Sheep? Each sign can be lived from within it’s power – or we can fight our essential nature and be locked in a battle of reaction to a self we don’t quite approve of (especially if there is hard aspect between the Sun and the Ascendant or Moon). This applies to every sign (and indeed every element of your chart).

Aries must be self-defined, independent and autonomous.

The Ram expresses his boundless energy racing to the next horizon just to be the first one there. He butts his head against competitors or any obstacle; he is exuberant and joyous, strong and (re)active. This is the sign of the Warrior; ruled by Mars. Aries are often loud and brash, loving to lead, dominate and take charge. The energy of the Ram is irresistible and at times unbearable, it seems never to flag even in later life (my Aries mother easily skims by on 6 hours a night).

Aries determination is only surpassed by the other Mars sign, Scorpio. The Ram’s confidence and self-oriented manner can burn – some Aries struggle to understand the needs of others; but more through childish self-interest than cold indifference.

The Sheep: Aries who do not fulfil their need for independence are like sheep being corralled by working dogs. They move as part of a herd because they fear the sharp teeth of the dogs; but their will is frustrated. Noisy, ornery, forced to be part of a group and the sheep protests loudly the whole time; some will take it out on others, finding power where they can. Others will turn their frustrations inwards. The Ram who becomes a Sheep learns to repress Mars power – he readily becomes the domestic tyrant, craving control and authority because he has none over himself.

Impulsivity and rashness are inverted expressions of the need for freedom and autonomy.

A cowering Aries has lost sight of their essentially courageous nature. An Aries constrained to another’s direction is miserable. Aries children often struggle with school and the arbitrary authority and regulation of the mainstream system. It is hard for Aries to put up a situation and get through it, they prefer the ‘break or break through’ approach.

Aries must be self defined in at least one domain of their life. Naturally ambitious and impulsive employment overseen directly by others rarely works for them. This doesn’t mean the Ram must be entrepreneurs or small business owners, but whatever realm of life they find themselves in they must have frequent opportunity to take charge.

How to Love an Aries: Allow them to lead, but hold your ground or you risk being trampled. Give her opportunities to express her strengths, know when to concede to the indomitable will but don’t do her the disservice of giving in because you can’t face the fight. The ebullient type Aries tend to express their fiery temper in a more direct manner – in the spirit of sporting competition.

Make sure you really want to hold the ground you have staked out for yourself, the Ram will test you. It’s a competition, always, and if you aren’t strong in your convictions you can’t win against the obstinacy of someone who plays head-butting games for fun. Aries can love to argue enjoying the intense exchange – though loud it usually blows over quickly. Lesser mortals may be left reeling while the Ram wonders if you feel like taking that run now.

Aries love deeply and are loyal to those they consider ‘theirs’. They may however have a hard time working out that you are not attached to them but that you are both 2 equal pieces of a greater whole.

How to Manage an Aries :

Hold your ground where it matters concede wherever you can or you will just exhaust yourself (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo not so much). After stomping her foot Aries will usually realise she has been unfair. She won’t say so but she will somehow let you know, if you pay attention.

Accept expressions of exuberance and enjoy them – Aries is the sign of the Child, of Beginnings and the first flash of fiery energy. If you can’t keep up step out of the way for someone who can. Remember behind the confident and sometimes stoic face there is a sensitive individual. Aries blithely dismiss hardship as if it hasn’t affected them – but this is one of the sign of courage. Courage for Aries means putting a brave face on – all the time. Remind her she can drop the brave face with you if she wants to, that she can trust you.

Let sh*t go quickly – Aries don’t hold onto things.


The Pioneer, Self-Oriented, Confident, Optimistic, Determined, Headstrong, Obstinate, Energetic

Needs: Autonomy, Control, Independence

Symbols: Ram, The Emperor, Fire, Spring, The Eternal Child

Element: Fire

Planet: Mars

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*Allowing for annual variance of cusp date

HEY! I’m an Aries and that is so not me!! Is this how you’re feeling right now? Hmmm you are probably one of those weirdos (like me) that has conflicting aspects in your chart that overwhelm your Sun Sign nature…. read these posts on the Sun, the Ascendant and the Moon Sign for more information. Sun Sign interpretations are at best approximate at worst vague – your astrological blue print is unique. Email me on to organise a chart interpretation and find out why you are quiet, patient and considerate Aries.  

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