The Ascendant – Your Personal Sunrise

The Ascendant sign is the constellation that was rising on the horizon at the moment you were born. An accurate birth-time is essential for providing the most accurate astrological portrait. The sign on the horizon changes approximately every 2 hours – but a 2 hour scope of time is still too wide. Ideally, you should know the birth time within a 30 minute time span. For some reason everyone’s Mum says they were born either at 10 am or 2 pm. If your Mum is vague on the numbers you can get the record from the hospital you were born at. If that doesn’t work I can work with you to find the most likely time and create a chart accordingly- this is called a ‘corrected time.’

The Ascendant sign reflects 2 main themes; firstly, how others react to you and receive you – the impression you create upon a first encounter. The second theme is your instinctive way of relating to the world – often this doesn’t reflect your ‘true’ nature, and can confuse others who, distracted by the mask that you are wearing, misconstrue your ‘true’ solar self. I

am an Ascendant Scorpio (with Pluto conjunct Ascendant) – I am often mistaken for a Scorpio, for good and ill – and I often instinctively react like one (!). This aspect forms a ‘hard’ angle to my Sun Sign – freewheelin’, space-cadet Aquarius. This is very confusing for people. Including me.

If you find Sun Sign interpretations are inaccurate, very likely you have a dominant Ascendant sign (like mine, Scorpio with it’s ruler, Pluto in the same position, blocking the Sun nature, has a strong effect). Knowing my Scorpio Ascendant helped me make sense of all those sides of me that were not at all Aquarian.

Depending on other elements in the chart the Ascendant/Sun Sign contrast can cause communication issues or lead to a long journey of discovering your true self. The individual can be caught in a battle between how other people perceive her and how she perceives herself. In more psychological terms the Ascendant sign is the Persona, and the Sun Sign the ego.  The Ascendant is the doorway through which the Self is expressed but is not the self. It also represents the mask that we wear – sometimes the mask complements our essential, Sun Sign nature – at other times the mask conceals our true self. We can retreat behind our mask defensively, hiding our true self; or you can use your mask to beguile the world.  

When you identify too much with the Ascendant, you find yourself exhausted. You are identified with other’s views of you – leading to a weak sense of self, disordered action and emotional frustration. You seem to be constantly changing with the tides of social influence. All your energy is pouring out of your Ascendant doorway – the way others view you is defining you and then you react instinctively, according to their expectations. These reactions are often at odds with your Sun (essential self) or Moon (emotional) needs – leading to a sense of futility and voicelessness.

When you use your Ascendant to channel the disordered outer universe into your finite self you unlock the power of your Ascendant. You can use it as a tool to interact with others effectively – not to react to them defensively fulfilling their expectations of you. You are able to manage other’s perceptions of you – and leverage them – to live out your Sun self with determination and consistency.

~ Love Asha Maria

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