The Lord of Love ~ The 2 of Cups

2 Cups of sweetest water overflow – no bitterness has entered. Water rushes forth in perfect balance, crystal clear and nourishing. Flowing from the source of love (The Lotus – also the Ace of Cups), Love is recognised and realised by the presence of the ‘other’ to receive it.

When this card arrives we know we are experiencing a period of heart-sweetness, peace and enjoyment. In gentle friendship or dreamy romance – here are the powers of harmony, comfort and contentment. An elegant comfort, a love that generates a delicate and pleasing phase of creativity. Love in the 2 of Cups is not just romantic, it is stabilising and fulfilling. The shadow side of this card is letting ourselves get too comfortable in a relationship to take risks and grow.

Keys to Understanding this Card:

The 2 of Cups is ruled by Venus [Harmony, beauty, love and pleasure] in the sign of Cancer [comfort, security, mother-love, nourishment]

Attributions: Astrological:  Venus in Cancer Suit:                   Cups – personal relationships, love, creativity, feeling Number:          2 – Manifestation in it’s first phase, you and the ‘other’

“The Universe is Divided for Love’s Sake – For the Chance of Union” – A.E. Crowley

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