The Lord of Luxury – The Four of Cups

Luxury ~  Increase of pleasure that is starting to get a little overwhelming. Unlike the 2 of Cups, here love gets too intense too quickly;  clingy, sentimental and excessively romantic. Anxiety that you are enjoying yourself a little too much at the expense of others, or the discomfort of knowing other’s generosity is due to an emotional bond with you, not a rational or business decision.  The sense that the luxurious experience is only very temporary – we are at the moment before the end of a once beautiful and seemingly perfect situation.

Love anxiety and the realization you’ve fallen too hard to just change directions. Not knowing if love is returned and now you’ve given into the feeling, anxious that it be reciprocated…and soon. A sense of frustration though things are pleasant, abundant and sweet to maintain this state requires a surrender of some freedom. A dawning realisation that things can never be fixed but we are unwilling to accept inevitable change and dissolution (5 of Cups – The Lord of Disappointment).

Indulgence – and the attendant problems of dissolute choices, ennui and frustration but without the breaking-down, rotting function of 7 Cups (Debauch/Choices).

Astrological Attribution: Moon in Cancer Numerical Symbol: 4 – stability, order and balanced structure Moon: Sense, intuition, feeling, Cancer: Security, comfort, retreat, clinging, nourishment

“In perfection the seeds of discord”

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