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The Pluto / Uranus / Mars tension is still pressing hard and stymying progress in terms of smoothing relationships, finding common ground. We struggle to enjoy the optimistic vision Sagittarius month usually brings feeling like we can see where we should be going…but somehow unable to get there. The Sun is squaring Jupiter and Rahu (north node) in Virgo. Countless little frustrations, physical ills and petty reversals plague improvements to career and ambition. Rahu is associated with severe disruption and Jupiter luck, but he’s not in a strong position in Virgo. This aspect is bringing frustration to plans that were flourishing earlier in the year; revisiting the upheavals brought by the Solar Eclipse in Virgo in September.

At that time the ruler of Virgo, Mercury was in Libra -bringing the focus to relationships with significant others. The current tension brought by Jupiter & Rahu in Virgo ties into the Uranus / Pluto / Mars troubles as Mercury is racing towards Pluto. Mercury will bring a practical intelligence to reveal and resolve the blockage. The Saturn/Neptune square is only adding to the inspiration/frustration cycle. Take it steady…allow things to untangle themselves. The outer planets are involved…we cannot do much other than acknowledge their power and lessons they bring. Goddess Venus is flowing with Chiron bringing healing through devotion to the truest manifestation of love. She is shining in Scorpio – the sign of integrity, passion and truth. Chiron works with her to bring spiritual wisdom and the knowledge of healing issues of love and intimacy. Venus is the Morningstar, the bearer of the Sun’s light. Through all this tension, frustration and blockage Venus brings her blessing to the shining heart that remains within, through all things. Remember your heart. Keep your heartsong strong by diving deeper into it when the world brings you hurricanes. The heart is what matters.

By Christmas Day; Mars has moved beyond the tense aspects with Uranus / Pluto, Uranus turns direct after maths of retrograde weirdness. The Full Moon just after Midsummer shines in her own sign Cancer bringing the focus to family, home and hearth. Dealing with the Outer Planets gives way to the small, sweet things that give our lives true stability.

Love Asha Maria

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