The Lunar Aries – The Moon Ram

The Moon is now waning in Aries before the last quarter in the next sign, Taurus. The work from this Moon Cycle is heading to fevered pitch for Mars folk (Aries, Scorpio or those with significant Mars aspects in your chart). Here’s a little post for those of you born with Moon in Aries – when the Moon is in this sign we all behave a little bit more brashly in the realm of emotion and instinctive reactions ♡ Asha Maria

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Are you a Moon Ram?

Here’s a little on the Lunar Aries to celebrate the New Moon in Aries today. (More on that soon!)  To find out about the meaning of the Moon in your chart click here.

The Moon Ram

You are emotionally direct and can usually assert your needs clearly. You are rarely emotionally needy so these sudden assertions of your emotional nature often surprise those closest to you. Others may feel they need to duck for cover when you explode but unlike the Scorpio moon, you don’t play  to wound, you just burst out – often loudly. Despite the vigour of your emotional expression you don’t hold grudges when your feelings are hurt, you certainly react when you take offence but once you blow off steam, it’s done.

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