The Lunar Aries – The Moon Ram

Are you a Moon Ram?

Here’s a little on the Lunar Aries to celebrate the New Moon in Aries today. (More on that soon!)  To find out about the meaning of the Moon in your chart click here.

The Moon Ram

You are emotionally direct and can usually assert your needs clearly. You are rarely emotionally needy so these sudden assertions of your emotional nature often surprise those closest to you. Others may feel they need to duck for cover when you explode but unlike the Scorpio moon, you don’t play  to wound, you just burst out – often loudly. Despite the vigour of your emotional expression you don’t hold grudges when your feelings are hurt, you certainly react when you take offence but once you blow off steam, it’s done.

You are not too cautious about sharing your feelings but you tend to frame them as opinions, rather than sense responses. By thinking your feelings are opinions, you can lose sight of your emotional needs which creates a cycle of acting out and trampling over others. You do not like sentimental or simpering displays of emotion. You value courage, action and honesty.

The negative aspect of this Moon sign is a tendency to be emotionally fickle and insensitive. Remember  that not everyone is as resilient as you are – go gently with the hearts of the people around you. You may need to work harder than most on compromise especially as a young person; you must learn to identify your own well being with the well being of the group – not just yourself.

Moon Rams feel secure when they stay active, speak their mind and release emotional issues through vigour – especially exercise. Leading and being independent creates a sense of safety and grounding, but this isn’t always possible- well at least not in the way that you might want! You need to find ways of feeling in charge and independent even when you must play a subordinate role – whether as an employee or having to submit to the whims of fate.

When you do have the chance to (ethically) take charge, do it! By fulfilling your emotional needs you will be better able to meet the needs of others without feeling depleted or inhibited. The great theme of Aries, the Ram, is get it done and this applies to feelings and instinctive needs too.  You are generally good natured and optimistic and you are not the co-dependent type in your intimate relationships.

– Moon in Aries – Emotionally resilient, independent in relationships, confident and good tempered.

Spiritual Lesson: ‘No man is an island’ John Donne

~Love Asha

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