The Lunar Gemini – 1000 Shining Mirrors

Born with Gemini Moon? Gemini has a reputation for lightness and changeability – but instead of 2-facedness think more of a thousand faceted mirrors all sparkling at once and changing constantly; shimmering, delightful and a little confusing. When the Moon falls in the sign of the twins we want to put feelings into words, share them with others and lighten up a little. If you were born with the Moon in this sign you live your emotional life along these lines – more lighthearted and communicative than any other moon sign.

Moon in Gemini natives don’t take things to heart in the same way an intense Scorpio Moon does or retreat like the Lunar Piscean. Bouts of melancholy and moodiness are rare unless the Moon is ‘afflicted’.

Emotional security for Lunar Geminis is achieved through freedom to communicate and socialise; to express themselves through the lense of the intellect – whether telling tall tales, writing poetry or a gossip column; to play, laugh things off and move on. I have met deeply soulful Lunar Geminis – but there was still a certain detachment about them, an ‘I am going to write this all down later’ kind of feeling.

The intellect and speech functions mediate the more complicated and diffuse experience of the emotional life. This can create a certain coldness due to a constant critical distance from feeling (especially sentiment) or even a struggle with feeling anything deeply or consistently. But the lack of sentimental indulgence means the Lunar Gemini often sees things clearly, forgets wounds quickly and has little time for brooding.

For the Lunar Gemini emotional connection serves a greater, over-arching purpose: information gathering. These moon folk are curious about human interaction  (and sharing those discoveries with everyone) for laughs or to facilitate a wider network of connection. A Gemini Moon can help lighten an otherwise too serious personality with delightful curiosity – to laugh things off when they get too intense, not because it’s trivial but because such brooding is absurd.

A little advice for Lunar Geminis : Be cautious not to treat others too lightly, they may feel more deeply than you do; your detachedness can be received as dismissiveness and cause hurt. Your capacity for lightening a dark mood and looking at the other side of things is your gift to the rest of us. Express your inner life through your mastery of words.

When the rest of us are swamped with feeling your clever turn of phrase brings much needed clarity. Your coolness soothes the hot temper and your playfulness leavens the pessimists amongst us. Should we get too sincere and neurotic about our emotional needs, remind us to get over ourselves and onto something more interesting – just don’t be too sharp with that tongue, the rest of us need longer to forget a slight!

~ Love Asha Maria

for a poet with Gemini Moon rising who somehow felt it all and spoke beautifully of it yet touched none of it; and a writer with long flames of hair, tinkling laughter, a rapier wit ~ who seems to know absolutely freakin everyone (and everything about them) ♥

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