The Lunar Sagittarius – Archer’s Moon

The Moon Sign shows where we feel most secure, how we nurture and how we need to be nurtured. Understanding your Moon Sign can help you learn how to make yourself feel more secure, meet your needs in your relationships and do some good self-care.

The Lunar Archer (Moon in Sagittarius) is emotionally expansive, gregarious and resilient. When your Moon falls in Sagittarius you feel most secure when your personal freedom is assured, you can spend lots of quiet time thinking about ‘higher things’ (art, philosophy, abstract considerations on day-to-day matters). The prospect of being contained, restricted or made to commit irrevocably to others are threatening. Not because the Lunar Archer cannot express love and devotion, but because their ideals of love are so high that putting such things in words would only betray the nobility of the ideal she holds dear. She may find it hard to put her feelings into words – often preoccupied with the expansive rather than the defined.

The Lunar Archer tends to try her luck and see what she can make of life. She feels comfortable adventuring, travelling and often moves – not just house but town, state, country, headspace… the constant sense of restlessness can be difficult to manage if the Sun Sign is in a more conservative sign (Cancer, Capricorn or Taurus). The rest of us mere mortals may lose hope, the Lunar Archer never – she may not be conscious of her native optimism, but it is there shaping her intuitive responses and imaginings.

They are playfully affectionate and respect emotional space. Just remember, that emotional space is not the same as emotional detachment. When we are not emotionally enmeshed with our beloveds our sentiments are not invasive, pressing and demanding. Some interpret pressing feeling as proof of attachment but rarely is it proof of trust. An open sky, like open arms brings a sense of ease and freedom. Independent of excessive emotional needs, dependant on others promises and proofs she loves freely and forms emotional bonds that are healthy and resilient.

Finding her freedom she can love with courage and generosity. Is your own space clearly marked? Have you discovered your boundaries? The Lunar Sagittarius has. She knows, when everyone has enough space, one is free to give without giving in.

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