The Lunar Scorpio – Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio Moon folk require complete emotional exchange – not how you ‘feel’ that’s just the surface. She commands your deepest, unconscious self to be given into her hands. Lunar Scorpions will dig deep to provoke ever stronger reactions of the passions – she is sensual, magnetic and compels you to take things to the extreme. She will love you with a burning intensity that is unmatched but she can also be possessive and jealous (Sagittarius/Aqua/Gemini take note!). You must reassure her but don’t deceive her, she will not accept betrayal with quiet sadness. If you betray your troth I recommend you disappear quickly. The survival instinct is well developed. Scorpio is associated with death, nuclear weapons and destruction as a means for rebirth. Do not forget that! If you win a Lunar Scorpio’s trust you have proven you deserve it  (as you are no doubt aware because it took you years to get there). She is loyal – the work you put in will be rewarded by devotion.

The Lunar Scorpio connects emotional intimacy, relationship stability and sexual intimacy. Erotic expression is always an extension of their emotional state. She is definitely not a prude but she doesn’t like playing games. This does not meet their emotional need for powerful and authentic connection Even when she is flinging about it’s always about the deeper connection and the reaction it creates in her – however fleeting. Lunar Scorpios rarely have sex for recreational or athletic purposes alone. Revenge or witchcraft purposes? Much more likely.

There is another more subtle expression of the Scorpio Moon – they are deeply spiritual people connected to the current of pure cosmic force – creative and magickal. This is a powerful placement of the moon. These folks are not emotionally tranquil or passive – their depths are dark, roiling mysteries – from which anything could spring.

~ dedicated to my beloved Lunar Scorpio friends

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