The Page of Cups

Karl Gussow (1843-1907), “The Sound of the Sea”

The Page of Cups An offer of kindness, care, love and affection. The sweet romance of a new love affair symbolised by the selfless love we felt as children for our first crush. Someone in your life who is caring and gentle but not given to courageous bursts of action. He is timid but only because he feels so deeply – he doesn’t know how to respond quickly to conflict but he knows how to show love.

The Page of Cups can also show your attitude to the situation; enthusiastic and naïve, infatuation and romantic idealism lacking mature perspective. Dreaminess, hope, longing, passivity, sweetness.

Conception of a child, increased fertility, longing for children, and many other interpretations. This card is very sensitive to “dignity” meaning, look to the cards either side to direct your interpretation.

Also called the Princess of Cups or Knave of Cups. In the playing cards symbolised by the Knave of Hearts.

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