The Prince of Swords – Ruthless & Self Serving

Rash and violent action, effective and decisive. But, because the action is quick it is often unjust, unthinkingly cruel, reckless or selfish – little thought is given for consequences or the needs of others.

Swift action and great courage to get things done, limited concern with the morality of a given act – great power to achieve even the most difficult strategic goal. The amoral perspective is liberating for the Prince of Swords. He does not hesitate. Where others are stuck considering social niceties, afraid to anger or provoke opposition, to displease superiors or the opinion of the majority – the Prince of Swords cuts through.

He represents the mind uninhibited by emotional or social concerns. Cold and purely strategic thinking.

This is a morally ambiguous card. He is almost sociopathically detached but also an effective agent in his own destiny. He may appear counselling you to act decisively or warn you against acts divorced from your humanity, to check with your own code of morality before you  make a brash choice. This is a card of violent action. Whether the action is dynamic and necessary or heralds destructive self-serving actions depends on you.

In relationships he signals the need to protect yourself and escape, the risk of cruel & violent argument that cuts and can never be forgiven. He is the caution to consider others or find yourself alone; having cut every tie that binds you. You are free but so separate from community that you now cannot act at all, you have no domain to act in or people to act upon.

Taken to the ultimate conclusion the symbol of this card represents isolation, one who has burnt all his bridges in rash, self centred behaviour. Conflict and violent behaviour is about asserting power through disruption and control through fear; but ultimately violence is supremely futile, it leads to complete isolation. And all alone with yourself control and aggression brings nothing but pure misery.

The force represented by this card must be used with great care.

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