The Sun Gemini – 1000 Glittering Mirrors

Gemini is the sign of the Twins

May 21- June 20

Which one you’re dealing with when it comes to Gemini isn’t always clear.  The Tarot tradition indicates another mystery – the Lovers (Trump VI); the cosmic union of divine opposites in a constant interplay of yin and yang, the arcane and the mundane, immortal and temporal. You welcome the world as exciting, interesting and an opportunity for new information, friends and connections. Ideas are important but the play of diverse ideas even more so. You give the impression of eternal youth and childlike caprice. Others can critique your apparent inability to take life seriously or your constant changeability – but this is just the most well-known Gemini indicator, Geminis are connectors & networkers. Without Gemini conversation can grind to a halt, things lose momentum and the atmosphere can grow heavy. You make us all lighten up and enjoy, meet, greet and connect without becoming tangled in complicated emotions or philosophies. Gemini teaches us to beware of the rigidity which stifles thought and joy – and love – and to take pleasure in connecting with many. Gemini is an adaptable sign, and they can easily adapt their speech, communication style & manners to make you feel welcome and understood, immediately.

Yes, Gemini is easily distracted and craves the new: people, loves, news, ideas, jobs, hairstyles and gossip … but no-one is as interested in who you are as the Gemini. She wants to know, share and she is insatiably curious.

If your Gemini friend is growing bored with your talk, any sentence starting ‘You’ll never guess what…’ will work in a pinch. The Gemini almost always has the smartphone to hand, to show you pictures that don’t appear to be relevant to you but are of interest to her, other’s text messages/Facebook profiles (complete with detailed commentary of back story) and anything else electronically communicable piece of news. This is the effect of Mercury, her sign ruler.

Gemini incorporates both active and passive when expressing their will – the shadow and light revolve constantly; in a sparkling and original kaleidoscope. This is the notorious 2-faced Gemini, but it is perhaps more accurate to say multi-faceted – these folk sparkle, they are always different, never predictable. And the smile! Capricious, swift on their feet and a sense of youth that time cannot touch. The face and form moves quickly and lightly, the eyes dart, teasing you to let the breath bound up in your chest burst forth in a flow of cheeky social commentary and giggles.

He wants your number; you peer into those eyes and think – ‘What could possibly go wrong?’ No agenda right? Well, not exactly. There is an agenda but tomorrow he has forgotten what it was because there is a new one. He has new information. It’s nothing personal, yesterday is old news. Gemini’s gift is to keep things moving, playfully inviting others to find out for the sake of knowing (or having someone to investigate something with).

Gemini has a sparkling clarity of speech, if the Ascendant sign or Mercury is placed in a contained sign, it is the thinking style that shimmers and sparks. She tells it all over on her fingers – each new discovery is simply the most amazing thing ever – until the next thing arrives. He gets a lot of stick for being unreliable and confounding; even more so than that weirdo Aquarius and you, argumentative yet diplomatic Libra. Aquarius generates the weird ideas, detailed and brilliant. Libra’s intellectualism is justified by a rigorous capacity for critique and desire for justice. But Gemini? Dear Gemini focuses on profusion and flow of ideas, a veritable torrent of clattering, glittering, dizzying information driven by boundless curiosity.

If you love or live with a Gemini don’t be boring, keep the talk flowing and have something interesting or new to talk about. Drink up the lightness, but allow her to show the other twin too…behind the friendly, sparkling persona is an insightful mind listening and taking it all in.


  1. New things, people

  2. Distractions of any kind

  3. Talking & socialising, texts, phone calls, new friends

  4. Knowing everything about everything/one (even when they don’t)

  5. To know things first – and then let everyone know it


  1. The Twins/ Brothers

  2. The Lovers (Tarot Trump VI)

  3. Ruled by Mercury

  4. Element of Air


  1. Intellectual activity, speech, voice, curiosity

  2. Communication, writing, immediate environment (3rd House)

  3. Siblings, best friends

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*Allowing for annual variance of cusp date

Hey! I’m a Gemini and that is so not me!! Is this how you’re feeling right now? Hmmm you are probably one of those weirdos (like me) that has conflicting aspects in your chart that overwhelm your Sun Sign nature…. read these posts on the Sun, the Ascendant and the Moon Sign for more information. Sun Sign interpretations are at best approximate at worst vague – your astrological blue print is unique. Email me on to organise a chart interpretation and find out why you are a focused, quiet and enduring Gemini.

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