The Tarot as an Astrological Chart

Astrology & the Tarot are inextricably intertwined. The Tarot provides detailed pictorial images that elaborate and tell the story of the planets, the signs and narratives of the gods. Your own astrological chart can be laid out with a wheel of tarot cards, using the 12 Astrological Arcana:

Aries           – The Emperor Taurus        – The Hierophant Gemini        – The Lovers Cancer        – The Chariot Leo              – Fortitude / Lust Virgo           – The Hermit Libra           – Justice Scorpio       – Death Sagittarius – Art/ Temperance Capricorn   – The Devil Aquarius     – The Star Pisces          – The Moon

The 7 Ancient Planets:

Mercury       The Magician Moon           The High Priestess Venus          The Empress Mars            The Tower Jupiter         The Wheel of Fortune Sun              The Sun Saturn         The Universe

The 3 Modern Planets

Uranus        The Fool

Neptune     The Hanged Man

Pluto          The Last Judgement


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