Trump IX: The Hermit

IX – The Hermit – Virgo

Turning Inward Retreat Seeking Wisdom & Peace Guiding or guidance from, a respected and wise person “Chastity” – Containment: emotional, spiritual or physical

Necessary retreat within to understand the world outside – especially when faced with conflict or the consequences of it

The making of the ‘wise wo/man’ – through facing one’s errors & the consequences of immoderate action, thought or speech. How conduct must be adjusted to prevent a repeat of past, destructive patterns of behaviour. By considering the seed of events, and the fruit of them, we understand their origin and consequence. Understanding can change the course of future events by changing our actions, reactions or the choice to accept instead of fight.


False piety – meanness of spirit and material comfort concealing miserly and ungenerous spirit

False humility as a means of obtaining an audience

Judgemental prudishness vs. Wise economy & prudence

Retreat when action is required, false appearance of peaceful acceptance used to excuse weak inaction

Hiding from the world when action is needed

Planet: Mercury (reason, understanding, knowledge) cf. Trump I: Magician

Sign: Virgo (ruled by Mercury)

Minor Arcana ruled by Virgo:

8 of Pentacles : Prudence  (Sun in Virgo)

9 of Pentacles: Gain (Venus in Virgo)

10 of Pentacles: Wealth (Mercury in Virgo)   

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