Venus in Leo – Dramatic Romantic

Venus in Leo is gorrrgeous, Queenly, irresistible. The planet of beauty, romance and desire in Leo’s bright embrace brings big feelings, warm embraces and playfulness back to love and relationships. Public displays of affection, the romantic gesture, the Queeeeenliness, Leo Venus makes it all glamorous, extra and magnetic. With Mars, Mercury and Venus all in the sign brings a LOT of Leo energy – joyous, expansive, playful and dramatic. It’s a nice change from the sentimental teariness of Venus in Cancer but take care not to be extreme with being Extra. There is such thing as too much !

Venus in Leo can make us overestimate our income, or make it hard to choose between all the things we want and have decided we DESERVE. 

#shorthoroscopes for The Leo Love Struck

♈Aries – Venus in your 5th house of romance and desire heightens flirtations and revives romantic adventures. Mars is also in your romance sector. You’re going to over do it, aren’t you? That’s fine. Sweep me off my feet 

♉Taurus – Venus is your 4th house of home and hearth, which is perfect because what’s better than being on your own comfy couch, cuddling and watching netflix while eating quality pizza.

♊Gemini – snappy and sparkly your words are sweetened and magnetic – Mars and Mercury are all in the same sign in your power house – the 3rd house of communication. Only thing is…take care not to talk yourself into more than you actually want. 

♋Cancer – Venus moves into your 2nd house of $ and resources, she brings money but also the desire to spennnnnddddd. On your beloved of course, because that’s just the generous little soul you are. Expect lovers to express their affections in material form. Alternatively, spoil yourself.

♌Leo – Venus graces your sign, boosting your charm, appearance and general attractiveness. You’re already dialled up to the max with Mars and Mercury in your sign. Venus just adds some sparkle to all the heat making you actually irresistible.

♍Virgo – Venus brings secret delights in your dreamy, inner life. Enjoy innocent intrigues, secret crushes and daydream lovers, whisper sweet nothings and allow yourself to be a little love sick over your sweetheart.

♎Libra – Venus rules you too! She adds extra charm to your social life and you can find sweetness and many chances to flirt when out and about with friends. More than usual flirty Libra, your reputation is at its best and everyone just adore your right now.

♏Scorpio – Venus in your 10th house takes the general battle offensive to your work life and turns it into a charm offensive – and just in time. You are an unstoppable force, honey your words and you’ll reign. Everyone is kind of scared of you, but also kind of in love with you. Of course.

♐Sagittarius – Venus in Leo in your 9th house brings pleasant journey, good luck and general happiness. Venus enhances your optimistic, love-as-I-find-it ways…you find harmony with your highest ideals and your naughtiest Sagittarian ways.

♑Capricorn – Even you are prey to the charms of love goddess Venus in Leo! In the 8th house the energy is slinky and sexy, you find a new playmate or reignite passion with your partner, greater trust and happiness to share with your beloved bless you.

♒Aquarius – Venus is in your 7th house of relationships – your partner can do no wrong, you just adore them! And just as well, Mars here has been bringing agitation. Now the right kinds of sparks can fly. Single lovers find opportunities to take casual flirtations to the next level beyond “what is this?” to “maybe, let’s do this?”.

♓Pisces – So romantic that even the supermarket can be a place to find love, Leo Venus brings love and flirtation and some sweet nothings in the places of ‘daily life’. Supermarkets, at work or just doing your routine stuff…Leo Venus helps you to warm up and just enjoy the love and romance as it arrives, it doesn’t have to be a love for life, just a spring sweetness to make you smile.

Enjoy these short n sweet horoscopes and may Venus bless you with luxuries, sweetness, passion and adoration from your beloved 

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