Venus in Leo: Spoil Me!

Marilyn Monroe

Razzle, Dazzle Sweetheart! | Venus in Leo: June 5 to July 18.

Catherine Deneuve

Paulette Goddard

The Goddess of Love has arrived in Leo and you’d better roll out the red carpet, applaud her and flood her with gifts. She’s here for some time flirting, sparkling and lightening the mood with her beauty & confidence. The weepy-nostalgic feels that Venus brought us during her sentimental sweep through Cancer have changed for some sassy, bossy, big kiss vibes . Venus in Leo brings warm optimism, inspired creativity & a little bit of drama to our love lives. We want attention and we want it NOW. We will flirt, toss our heads or give an award winning performance if our egos are not stroked or you do not make the effort to comment regularly on just how gorgeous we are 💋 Venus also rules money or how we spend it…It’s easier to come by but it’s also easier to spend as if you are a Queen because we feel so damn goooood….and indulgence, gifts ‘just because’ and extra treats just seems to make things better. Venus goes retrograde July 26 and returns to Leo during that time. What you over-do in the next 6 weeks you may seriously regret by the beginning of August. Make the most of the increase in romantic confidence and playfulness all around. Leos are just very large cats and cats are always a pleasure so long as you feed, groom and pat them when they require it. Treat your lovers with indulgent adoration and enjoyyyyy…

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