Venus in Libra

Goddess Venus, brightest star in the sky, is now in Libra, and she stays there til Jan 1! Relationships of all kinds are in focus. We project our best traits onto the beloved. And when things aren’t perfect – or our pain arises – we see our own lack, our flaws or what we fear most – writ large in their eyes. Venus invites you to join her on her long journey through her kingdom of Libra. She comes to teach us about love, to develop a Radiant Heart, to give loving kindness for yourself and grace with others. During her time in Libra, Venus will retrograde taking us deep into this work. Being soft, gentle but enduring. Keeping clear sight as to what is right, just or just needed right now, She calls us. Venus teaches us about material life, through pleasure, delights of the senses, heartbreaks; She teaches us about what matters and how to let go of what doesn’t. Are you ready to fall in love again?

Love Asha

Venus in Libra

Venus enters Libra September 02, 2018 Venus retrograde begins October 06, 2018 Venus direct November 16, 2018 Venus leaves Libra, January 1, 2019

About Asha: Asha has been studying and reading astrology & tarot for 15 years. Tarot and astrology are our traditional story cycles, full of old wisdom, healing and beauty. Asha invites you to join her in this creative work; reconnecting with your purpose, finding delight after darkness or strength for the journey ahead. She has worked with hundreds of other wild souls to support their growth, harmony and happiness. You can book a time with her in person or via Skype. Or just follow, read and enjoy

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