Venus in Sagittarius – Free Spirited Love

The Venus in Sagittarius lover is adventurous & playful; his love is a gift for the broken hearted lover. If you have been wounded, or betrayed this lover will gather you up, laughing, remind you of the sun and rain and wind, he’ll kiss you – then crack a crass joke to avoid the experience becoming a ‘moment’. Despite your earnestness (and indignation) you will be forced to laugh. Because it was a damn good joke. And the timing was comedy gold. And then you might just cry, with relief. Because it’s all ok now. This one doesn’t stab you in the back or the heart. He may be a trifle unreliable and do not expect to spend your time together at refined restaurants, family gatherings or anything traditional/standard. It will be odd and non committal. But it will be cheerful and warm and honest.

Understanding your Love Nature through Astrology helps you resolve longstanding love and relationship issues, work out how to love better and love in a way that makes you strong, that fills you up – not drains you. To have your chart read for love and relationships including a keyword summary of your love style email

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